Easy Spreadsheets for WordPress

Editing Posts and Users in WordPress is very painful. You need to open a lot of pages, make a lot of clicks. We came up with a solution.

Manage WordPress Posts and Users with Easy Spreadsheets.

No import/export needed. All the changes apply live on the website.

Select the Spreadsheets that You Need

Our Spreadsheets are Powerful

 View all items at once in the spreadsheet

 You can load thousands of rows at once

 You can hide, display, and sort columns

 You can rename columns

 You can add new columns for custom fields

 You can resize columns



Powerful Formulas: Edit hundreds of posts at Once

Simple Bulk Update Tools. You can update thousands of items in seconds using a very easy formulas builder.

It´s like excel for WordPress, but much easier.

Update WooCommerce Attributes in BULK

Update WooCommerce Variations prices, stock, etc.

Increase prices in all products by 10%

Update any numeric field with a math formula.

Add images to hundreds of products at once.

Search and replace in all products using wildcards

Copy information between products.

Set the same categories to all the products in a group

Create advanced categories or tags by merging other fields.

Copy featured images to all products in a category

Copy any field to hundreds of products

Copy regular price to sale price in all posts or vice versa

Copy the value of one field to another

Convert global product attributes to categories or tags, or vice versa

Copy featured images to a custom field or vice versa

Change URLs in product description

Combine the values of 2 fields in a 3rd field.

Add the date, author, category, etc. to all post titles. i.e. Post by [AUTHOR].

 Edit Custom Fields added by Other Plugins in the Spreadsheet

 Add new columns to the Spreadsheet. Create custom spreadsheets.

 Copy information between rows (posts, users, etc.)

 It works with Visual Composer

 It works with Advanced Custom Fields. Your metaboxes appear automatically on the spreadsheet.



Will this slowdown my site?

Will my server handle it?

The plugin is very efficient with your server resources.

It loads only on wp-admin. It doesn´t affect the speed of your site.

You can control the number of posts to load on the spreadsheet

You can control the number of posts to save per batch. i.e. 3 posts every 20 seconds.

You can control the time to wait between batches when saving changes. i.e. 3 posts every 60 seconds.

It saves only the modified posts in the spreadsheet. i.e. load 500 posts, edit 2, only save 2.

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