Easy Spreadsheets for WordPress

Editing Products, Posts, and Users in WordPress is very painful. You need to open a lot of pages, make a lot of clicks, and fill out a lot of forms.

But we have a solution for you: Manage your WordPress information using an Easy Spreadsheet Editor.

All the changes apply live on the website. No import/export needed.

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Do you love spreadsheets?

Today you can get the Most Powerful tool in the market for managing information on WordPress

WP Sheet Editor is a spreadsheet editor that lives inside WordPress. You can open the spreadsheet and see all your information
and edit dozens, hundreds, or thousands of items LIVE enjoying all the benefits of a spreadsheet editor.
Forget about wasting time editing products one by one, dealing with the slow normal editor, or dealing with import issues.

Edit everything with our Spreadsheet Editors

You can get individual editors at a low price or all our plugins portfolio with the “All Access” plan

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Get all our spreadsheet editors (+12 plugins) for a single payment.

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These plugins are great tools for creating or managing blogs, WooCommerce stores, EDD stores, Events sites, community sites, etc. You can use them to bulk edit, export, import, and search all the data in your websites.

This gives you access to 13 plugins.

They are perfect for Developers or Agencies. They will save you a ton of time, and your clients will love managing their websites with the spreadsheet.

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2. Get individual plugins

If you need only one or two spreadsheet editors, you can buy individual plugins with lower prices.

WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet

Edit WooCommerce products with all their information in the spreadsheet, including Attributes, Variations, etc.

Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types Spreadsheet

Bulk Edit All Post Types like Posts, Pages, Portfolio, Restaurant Menus, etc. in the Spreadsheet. View all fields in the spreadsheet, custom fields, and more.

Categories, Tags, Product Attributes, Taxonomies Spreadsheet

View and edit categories, tags, product attributes in a spreadsheet. Edit all the fields, Advanced Search by any field , Import categories and attributes from Excel, Create hundreds of categories or attributes quickly, Update hundreds of categories or attributes at once, and more.

Media Library Spreadsheet

View and edit the media files from your entire website in a spreadsheet. Edit all the fields like image captions, alt text, descriptions, etc., Advanced Search by any media field , Import info from Excel, Update thousands of images at once

WooCommerce Orders Spreadsheet

View all the WooCommerce orders in a spreadsheet. Edit all the fields like dates, status, delete orders, shipping info, billing info, payment method info, etc., Advanced Search by any order field , Import info from Excel, Update thousands of orders at once

Comments and Reviews Spreadsheet

Bulk Edit the WordPress Comments, WooCommerce product reviews, Event reviews, WooCommerce order notes. Make advanced searches by any field, export and import comments and reviews, bulk delete, move reviews between sites, edit thousands of items, and more.

Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet

View EDD products in a spreadsheet. Edit all download fields, Advanced Search by any field , Create hundreds of products quickly, Update hundreds of products at once, and more.

WooCommerce Coupons Spreadsheet

View WooCommerce Coupons in a spreadsheet. Edit all coupon fields, Advanced Search by any field , Auto generate hundreds of coupons, Update hundreds of coupons at once, and more.

Events Spreadsheet

View Events in a spreadsheet. Edit all event fields, Advanced Search by any field , Create hundreds of events quickly, Update hundreds of events at once, and more.

WooCommerce Customers Spreadsheet

View WooCommerce Customers in a spreadsheet. Edit FULL Customer profiles, Add new Columns to the Customers Spreadsheet, Advanced Search by any field , Find Customers by Shipping and Billing information, and more.

WordPress Users Spreadsheet

Display all users in a spreadsheet. Edit user profiles like name, email, role, etc.. You can add custom columns for custom fields, so you can edit WooCommerce profiles, buddypress fields, etc.

Universal Frontend Editor

Display an editable table in the Frontend of your site. Let your users, employees, or team members edit WooCommerce products in the frontend, events, posts, user profiles, manage comments, manage the media library, and more. Create unlimited editors with few columns (simple editors) or all the columns (advanced editors)

Custom Database Tables Spreadsheet

One Spreadsheet for Every Custom Database Table added by other plugins. Live edit in the cells, Bulk Edit, Make advanced searches by any field, export and import, bulk delete, move information between sites, edit thousands of items, and more.

Download all our plugins

Download our spreadsheets bundle and you can use all our spreadsheet plugins on your site, you will have access to all future plugins and all features

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Buy the plugin today without worries, If the plugin doesn’t work for you, simply let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Every plugin includes

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We have +400 tutorials on our blog showing how to use all the plugins for all the most common use cases.

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Very useful

This is perfect not only for me but for those who are used to using spreadsheets.

Kevin Needham

Just the product I was wishing for

Came across this product a few weeks ago. What a timesaver. No longer do I need to import/export spreadsheets to change my store front. With a simple ‘live’ spreadsheet I just make my edits and press ‘Save’ and the new product line appears on my store. Works like a charm!

Michael Mangieri

It Works

Does what it is supposed to. Recommend ded.

Will Seddon

Saves Time

This app saves time. It’s the best app that I have found to see and edit your products in an Excel/Google Doc format. It’s a great plugin. There are some small quirks that could use improvement, but it works pretty well.

Jon Lewis

Works great!

Helps me to manage a large number of products!

Matthijs Wink

We worth the money

I have purchased a multi-site license and now only use this tool to manage my online woo commerce stores. It’s easy to understand, very flexible and so far – no bugs. Excellent product.

Bryn Towns

Work great!

Perfect plugin, works as it should.


Extremely Useful

This plugin makes editing a large store products so much simpler than going into each product, especially for turning simple products in to variable products which i had to do recently on about 2500 products. Thanks, a big help.

Matt Macdonald

A must have for large catalogs

This is hands down one of the single best plugins I have ever used with WooCommerce. We paid for the Pro version and it is well worth it. The amount of time this saves me is hard to quantify but so far it has saved me multiple weeks of time as opposed to the native WooCommerce way of editing. This is a must have for large catalogs. I am managing thousands of part numbers which can be a nightmare with this platform. Prior to this the only way I was able to get close to this kind of productivity was working through MySQL Workbench directly with the db and bypassing the WooCommerce Admin completely which can be tedious. Now I can quickly make edits to entire categories and hierarchies on the fly without having to deal with any SQL at all. This plugin is enormously helpful with only a minimal learning curve to get going. The features are very intuitive. The only thing I haven’t been able to pin down so far is designating the primary term when assigning categories to a product.

Patrick O’Connor

Easy to use and great support

I had a few questions about updating our variations and support was great and very quick – even received responses on the weekend. It was very easy to update all of our pricing with this plugin.


Amazing plugin

This plugin is amazing it saves an immense amount of time being able to update large amounts of data in one go. I use it on every site I work on.

Anji Wright

Great tool

WP Sheet Editor is so easy to use and has saved so much time when adding or editing products.

Sandra Muller

Saved me hundreds of hours

I imported my products to WOO from another platform, and over time realized I made a number of mistakes that was impacting SEO and the ability to offer my products on Google. Now that I have WP Sheet Editor (and the media editor), these mistakes have been corrected completely and quickly. No more going in product-by-product and having unfinished and incomplete edits. Great customer service, too.

Jen Wofford

Very useful

A very useful plugin. Very operative and speeds up work with Woocommerce products.


Very usefull for updating product variations

The default Wooommerce method to update variations is too time consuming. I bought this plugin to do this in a much quicker way.

John-Pierre Cornelissen


O plugin é realmente execlente. Acima das expectativas.

Evandro Raiz


This editor is exactly what I needed to edit all my products. Customer service was beyond helpful & I learned a lot. It is a Blessing. Thank You!

Angelo Keyes

Excellent as other plugin from this autor

I’ve updated more than 4500 variations of my products using an csv file really easily I find it more powerfull and simplier to update products with this plugin rather than with WP All Import which needs to remember the specific ID used to create products So big up to this nice plugin !

christophe schollhammer

Worth the price

We were looking for something that can help us bulk editing product details & wp sheet editor perfectly fits that criteria, so we purchased the life time licence as an one time investment to our online business.

Bishal Sarkar

A must have

Really well done. Full of functions. I can’t imagine how many time it saves. Really easy to learn how to use it.

Fermando Coelllo

Perfect Plugin

I have used this plugin to edit all aspects of product hosted on my website. I must say that it is such a versatile plugin to use. I have no negative comments on WP Sheets Editor.

Christopher Fearon

A perfect solution for me

I love your product. It’s more than a plugin, it’s a perfect solution if you’re comfortable with spreed sheets. The support team was eager to help me get started when I asked questions! I’m a happy customer!

Barak Ayzecot

Very powerful tool for updating WooCommerce products

Fantastic tool for updating a lot of products at once on WooCommerce stores. Friendly and helpful support available as well. Highly recommended!

Jon Horridge

just what i needed

great plugin, 100% recomended, great flexibility


What a time saver!

Great find and buy! This has sped my project up way past my expectation.

Joshua Carter