In this page, you can see the changelog for the CORE modules included in all our spreadsheets.

If you want to see the changelog for our spreadsheet packages, check these links:


------ V 2.13.1 - 2019-08-11 ------
CHANGE - CORE - Make the fancy taxonomy dropdown opt-in as many people prefer the old dropdown to be able to copy paste
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS LITE - Sometimes meta columns were allowed but they were still locked by mistake
FIX - CORE - Fatal error on REST API endpoints, which breaks the normal post editor
FIX - CORE - Taxonomy terms can't be updated

------ V 2.13.0 - 2019-08-08 ------
NEW - CORE - Freeze column titles at the top when scrolling down
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Add "Length >" and "Length <" operators
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Add "ends with" operator
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Add "regex" operator
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Add "starts with" operator
NEW - CORE - Fancy multiselect dropdown with autocomplete for taxonomy columns (Added option to settings page to revert to the old type of cell)
NEW - FILTERS - Accept custom search parameters in the wpse_custom_filters query string
NEW - FORMULAS - Allow to append files for gallery columns
NEW - FORMULAS - Allow to prepend files for gallery columns
NEW - WC Products - Add "edit in spreadsheet" shortcut to the variations list in the normal product editor to quickly launch the spreadsheet editor for those specific variations
INTERNAL - CORE - Allow to disable the image cell zoom by adding ?wpse_no_zoom to the image URL
CHANGE - Wc Products - Allow to rename the "Download files" column
CHANGE - Wc Products - Allow to rename the "Variation description"  column
CHANGE - Wc Products - Allow to rename the "Variation enabled?"  column
CHANGE - Wc Products - Allow to rename the "Default attributes"  column
CHANGE - Bulk Edit - When a batch failed and we chose to retry, don't show the server error message
CHANGE - CORE - Add tip about the taxonomies spreadsheets
CHANGE - CORE - Automatically update the .pot file for all plugins during the build process for every release
CHANGE - CORE - Cache the list of taxonomy terms used for cell dropdowns to improve speed on big sites, clear cache when a term is added or the term name, parent, or taxonomy is updated
CHANGE - CORE - Fix the top bar when we scroll right
CHANGE - CORE - If the page is RTL, force english as language on the sheet page because the sheet doesn't support RTL
CHANGE - CORE - Improved the loading of rows. Loading 200 rows takes 40 seconds less.
CHANGE - CORE - Save - When a batch failed and we chose to retry, don't show the server error message
CHANGE - CUSTOM POST TYPES - Exclude the post types that have their own spreadsheet to prevent errors
CHANGE - FORMULAS - After successful execution, if there aren't unsaved changes in the sheet, reload the sheet automatically to show the bulk edits
CHANGE - FORMULAS - when the popup closes. go back to step 1
CHANGE - IMPORT - Add an "Unselect all" option above columns mapping
CHANGE - UNIVERSAL SHEET - IMPORT - After closing the popup from a successful import, auto-reload the sheet if there aren't unsaved changes
CHANGE - WC Products > copy variations - The progress log becomes too long
CHANGE - YOAST - Load the primary category dropdown via ajax to make the sheet load faster
CHANGE- CORE - Moved all the media library code to a separate spreadsheet plugin
FIX - CORE - Clear the object cache automatically when the data source changes (i.e. when categories are added or created) to prevent issues with persistent object cache setups
FIX - CORE - It doesn't load more rows when we scroll to the bottom
FIX - CORE - The sheet doesn't save changes if the post IDs are too high (i.e. 999988878978)
FIX - CORE - make it work with the classic editor plugin (our compatibility broke with the recent update of the classic editor)
FIX - FORMULAS - When editing a taxonomy column using append/prepend, use the taxonomy term separator from the settings page
FIX - WC Products - Bulk Edit tool doesn't show the "Default attributes" column
FIX - WC Products - Bulk Edit tool doesn't show the "downloadable files" column
FIX - WC Products - Bulk Edit tool doesn't show the "product attributes" column
FIX - WC Products - When creating new rows in the spreadsheet, create it with draft status
FIX - WC Products - When editing multiple attribute taxonomies for the same product in the cells, it only attaches to the product the last taxonomy edited
FIX - WC Products - When publishing drafts, automatically generate the URL slug
FIX - WC Products - When saving multiple gallery images, it saves them as URLs instead of IDs
FIX - WC Products > copy variations - it allows to submit without accepting the "I understand..." checkbox
FIX - CORE - It doesn't save the menu order column

------ V 2.12.0 - 2019-07-01 ------
NEW - CORE - Add "share" tool to faciliate user collaboration
NEW - CORE - Add the option to select the user roles who can access our spreadsheet.
NEW - CORE - Added option to deactivate the data prefetch
NEW - CORE - Allow to disable the meta data scan programmatically
NEW - CORE - allow to rename columns using contextual menu
NEW - CORE - Allow to rename columns using the columns visibility popup
NEW - MEDIA - Add column showing the parent post title as readonly
NEW - UNIVERSAL SHEET - EXPORT - Added option to add CSV compatibility with excel
NEW - UNIVERSAL SHEET - EXPORT - Added option to select all active columns
NEW - WC Products - Allow to edit custom fields on variation rows
CHANGE - CORE - When a toolbar is disabled, automatically stop rendering the related popup content
CHANGE - MEDIA - Remove the "add new" tool
CHANGE - USERS - If the current user can edit, the default query shouldn't have the role__in query parameter, it should load all roles
CHANGE - WC Products - Import - Automatically map the "meta: " columns
CHANGE - WC Products - Import - When there is an error, indicate the row that contains the error
FIX - CORE - Disable wpautop when using gutenberg because it breaks the block markup
FIX - FILTERS - Search by author doesn't work (the author dropdown has wrong user ids)
FIX - FORMULAS - The column placeholders don't work for columns that use the get_value callback
FIX - GLOBAL - Sometimes when we use the free plugin and activate the premium plugin, the license activation screen doesn't appear and the user doesn't know how to activate it
FIX - MEDIA - fix the preview column to show the thumbnail and large image on hover
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - CSV reading - It doesn't work when "fopen(): data:// wrapper" is disabled in the server
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Export - It fails when column headers count doesn't match the column values count in a row
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - EXPORT - It links directly to the CSV file which just displays the content instead of downloading it
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - IMPORT - CSVs that contain &quot can't be read
FIX - WC Products - Export - The columns coming from the WC CORE api are duplicated starting from batch 2
FIX - WC Products - Import - Optimize the auto mapping of columns to avoid using too much memory when we have too many columns
FIX - WC Products - Import - Sometimes we end up with ghost products created by WC Core, auto delete them
FIX - WC Products - Import - The "Import as meta" option in the columns mapping wasn't working

------ V 2.11.3 - 2019-05-28 ------
FIX - FORMULAS - In numeric fields > set value - allow to use decimal numbers
FIX - YOAST - It's filtering the meta columns and returning a blank value when it's not the primary category field

------ V 2.11.2 - 2019-05-27 ------
NEW - CORE - Added "wp editor" column that opens the default wp post editor
NEW - CORE - Added quick access buttons above the posts lists
NEW - CORE - Added support for the "disable gutenberg" plugin
NEW - CORE - After a successful saving or bulk edit, ask users to leave a review on
NEW - CORE - INTERNAL - Added option "rest api only" to make the plugin completely invisible and remove all the plugin pages, so we can use the rest api only
CHANGE - YOAST - Enabled the "canonical URL" column
CHANGE - YOAST - Enabled the "FB desc" column
CHANGE - YOAST - Enabled the "FB image" column
CHANGE - YOAST - Enabled the "FB title" column
CHANGE - YOAST - Enabled the "TW desc" column
CHANGE - YOAST - Enabled the "TW image" column
CHANGE - YOAST - Enabled the "TW title" column
CHANGE - ADVANCED FILTERS - Added css classes to every element to allow to hide specific elements easily
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Don't allow to remove or disable columns if the spreadsheet has unsaved changes
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Remove message saying "Note: When you hide columns we will remove those columns from the spreadsheet"
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - When we hide column using context menu, check if it has unsaved changes and show message saying it's not possible until they save changes
CHANGE - CORE - Add more information to the "help" modal in the sheet page
CHANGE - CORE - Add option to cancel the process when loading rows (If the search query is too slow, the screen locks up, allow to cancel to try with another search query)
CHANGE - CORE - Allow to disable the serialized fields module programmatically
CHANGE - CORE - Allow to load the heartbeat api on the spreadsheet page to notify the users when the auth session expires
CHANGE - CORE - Don't execute the wp filter in the gutenberg active check to avoid breaking other themes/plugins using the hook that require other wp functions that don't exist in that context
CHANGE - CORE - Products teaser - Indicate that variable products aren't supported in the "load rows" notification
CHANGE - CORE - quick setup - the post types list should link to the right product instead of sending everybody to the post types plugin
CHANGE - CORE - When we open the main menu and one sheet is already setup, open the spreadsheet page directly instead of sending every time to spreadsheet setup
CHANGE - FILTERS - Save the previous session filters only if rows were found and loaded, load the sheet on future sessions without any filters if rows weren't found
CHANGE - FORMULA - When executing a formula. If it's the slug column and clear value, use slow execution automatically
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Indicate how to change the saving speed in the same way as the "save" popup
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Remove the "formulas" and "formulas builder" references in the UI because now it's called "bulk edit"
CHANGE - GLOBAL - Add utm tags to the "Author URI" URL in the main php files
CHANGE - GLOBAL - Include the posts-templates module in the events plugin (premium)
CHANGE - GLOBAL - Include the posts-templates module in the post types plugin (premium)
CHANGE - GLOBAL - Include the yoast module in all the premium plugins
CHANGE - GLOBAL - show the "My license" item in the toolbar only for admin users
CHANGE - PRODUCTS - When we change a variation post type to "product", copy the relevant information from the parent product to the new product
CHANGE - UNIVERSAL SHEET - CSV IMPORT - Allow multi-line values in cells
CHANGE - UNIVERSAL SHEET - IMPORT - Improve the progress message to indicate the count of updates and creations, instead of indicating the counts from the last batch
CHANGE - UNIVERSAL SHEET - REST API - sheet settings - return the export and import columns to make it easier to use
CHANGE - WC Products - Allow to copy paste the "default attributes" cells and save as plain text
CHANGE - WC Products - Formulas - Allow to remove duplicates based on sku
CHANGE - WC PRODUCTS - IMPORT - Now we can identify existing products by SKU or title only
CHANGE - WOOCOMMERCE - Allow to filter the export columns list
CHANGE - YOAST - Show the "primary taxonomy" column as terms dropdown instead of term id
FIX - CORE - Gutenberg - When we're adding a link to the text and we make a search, the search results list disappears before we can make a selection for the link
FIX - CORE - PHP warning is shown when we save empty taxonomy terms
FIX - CORE - When we reached the columns limit, it didn't allow us to update existing columns
FIX - FORMULAS - When we delete rows, the pagination breaks because the page number and rows count changes on every iteration
FIX - GLOBAL - When the columns limit is reached, don't exclude columns that have allow_to_hide = false
FIX - SPREADSHEET SETUP - We can't delete custom post types created in this page
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Export - it exports all columns, regardless of the selected columns - when column visibility settings are empty
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - EXPORT - When we pause an export, the resume button doesn't appear
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - EXPORT - When we pause an ongoing export and start it again, the action buttons are hidden by mistake
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - IMPORT - Don't create placeholder products unnecessarily
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - IMPORT - Improve the auto mapping of columns, remove trailing spaces
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - IMPORT - Sometimes products with the same name were updated when we needed to create new products
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - IMPORT - The total rows in the progress message are wrong because they consider rows with multi-line values as multiple rows
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - REST API - PHP warning shows when we check if the rewrite rules are set up
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - When we import some csvs, some characters appear as ?
FIX - WC Products - Error when saving default attributes if the global attribute used a custom slug, not generated from the sanitized title
FIX - WC Products - Import - When the WC API returns an error, show it to the user instead of failing silently
FIX - WC Products - REST API - make it work with the special columns from WC Core

------ V 2.11.1 - 2019-04-23 ------
NEW - CORE - Add "Order" (menu_order) column to post types that support page-attributes
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Improve design of the "A column is missing?" section in "spreadsheet setup" page
FIX - CORE - When we rescan the columns, we're not clearing the meta keys cache, so the advanced filters don't show the latest columns
FIX - CORE - Always allow the registration of the ID column, regardless of the columns limit, to prevent errors during saving
FIX - CORE - When we save hierarchical taxonomies, the IDs of the existing terms were saved as new instead of assigning the existing ones
FIX - WC Products - Copy variations - When we copy variations and the previous variations of the target products were removed, remove the rows from the sheet afterward
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - EXPORT - The 2nd page and up have column values in a different order

------ V 2.11.0 - 2019-04-17 ------
NEW - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Added option to export data to a CSV file
NEW - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Added option to import CSV files with advanced column mapping and import settings
NEW - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Allow to export individual columns using the contextual menu (right click on the sheet column)
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Allow searching by post data fields (id, title, content, date, etc.) using any operator, including finding empty values
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Allow searching by taxonomy fields using any operator, including finding empty values
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Allow to search posts using a list of URLs
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Allow to search rows by range of IDs
NEW - CORE - Add option to change the max columns limit
NEW - CORE - Add option to delete posts completely
NEW - CORE - Add option to disable the serialized columns support to improve performance on some cases
NEW - CORE - Add option to not load rows automatically
NEW - CORE - Add option to open columns visibility tool using the sheet's context menu
NEW - CORE - Added full screen mode
NEW - CORE - Advanced settings - Added option to disable the use of wpautop
NEW - CORE - Allow to bulk edit post type
NEW - CORE - Allow to lock columns using the context menu
NEW - CORE - taxonomy terms cells - Allow to save hierarchical values using the parent > child syntax
NEW - CORE - When we scroll to the right and the sheet ends, automatically show a message indicating how to add any missing columns (only premium)
NEW - FILTERS - Allow to search by status=trash
NEW - FILTERS - Apply the filters from previous session when we open the sheet
NEW - WC Products - Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.6
NEW - WC Products - Copy variations - Add option to exclude the variation image during the copy (advanced settings)
NEW - WC Products - Copy variations - Include in the copy the custom fields added by other plugins
NEW - WC Products - FORMULAS - Allow to clear all default attributes at once
NEW - WC Products - FORMULAS - Allow to clear all download files at once
NEW - WC Products - FORMULAS - Allow to clear all product attributes at once
NEW - WC Products - Variation - Allow to edit the status column in the cells to move individual variations to trash
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Add "arrow" buttons to deactivate/active columns
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Allow to remove columns only if they are disabled
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Don't show option to "hide columns" on the context menu if the column is not allowed to be hidden (i.e. ID) to prevent issues
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Improve the UI so the user knows why columns are missing and how to add new columns
CHANGE - CORE - Added more capability checks
CHANGE - CORE - Allow to edit the post modified date column
CHANGE - CORE - Image cells - append new images instead of replacing the existing images when the cell accepts multiple images
CHANGE - CORE - increase columns limit to 310 because the 250 limit was reached too easily
CHANGE - CORE - Move "My license" button from the logo section to the secondary toolbar
CHANGE - CORE - Post terms prefetch cache - Use the cache only for non-hierarchical taxonomies to support the use of the parent > child syntax for hierarchical terms
CHANGE - CORE - Replace "Posts not found" with a clearer message when the search criteria doesn't return posts
CHANGE - CORE - Save tool. Deactivate button if there's nothing to save to avoid unnecessary clicks
CHANGE - CORE - Save tool. Show the "changes aren't reversible" warning one time only and start saving automatically in the next time
CHANGE - FILTERS - Add "Active filters" to the filter buttons above the sheet clarify that the rows are filtered
CHANGE - FILTERS - Move the "date range" search field into the "advanced filters" section to simplify the form
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Add option to select if we want to edit all items, so we don't have to use the search popup if unnecessary
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Allow to execute bulk edits without leaving the spreadsheet page
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Allow to select values from a dropdown or checkbox when editing a dropdown or checkbox column, instead of having to figure out and type the value manually
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Improved error messages so the user knows why the bulk edit failed
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Remove sanitization on replace formulas if the user has the unfiltered_html capability
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Show alert "When you execute this you will leave the page..." only when we have unsaved changes
CHANGE - POSTS TEMPLATES - Add JS validation to the form to avoid unnecessary submissions
CHANGE - WC Products - Allow to edit the status column on variations to delete individual variations (move to trash)
CHANGE - WC Products - Display variations - Don't show the "we need to reload" alert if we don't have unsaved changes
CHANGE- CORE - taxonomy terms cells - Display hierarchical terms using the parent > child syntax
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Columns with long titles appeared in 2 lines breaking the text alignment.
FIX - CORE - Checkboxes with numeric values always appeared unchecked in the cells
FIX - CORE - If the saving fails due to a server error, show the close button on the popup so we can save again
FIX - CORE - iframes were removed from the post content on save
FIX - CORE - SERIALIZED FIELDS - When we save one field, clear the provider cache, otherwise it only saves one subfield change per post
FIX - CORE - The first ajax call to load rows was executed twice by mistake
FIX - FILTERS - When we display the active filter buttons, strip html from the displayed value and limit to 20 characters
FIX - FORMULAS - Deactivate column placeholders when executing a regex replace to avoid conflicts with the $xx$ syntax
FIX - FORMULAS - REPLACE - regex is not parsed properly for regex replacements
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - CSV column ID is not auto mapped to the ID field
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Import - Auto map attribute name and download columns when importing the export file or sample file
FIX - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Import - When we import the sample CSV, it creates blank products
FIX - WC Products - "visibility" column appears duplicated on old stores
FIX - WC Products - Copy variations - the variation description is not included
FIX - WC Products - Search by variation - it didn't work when PHP runs on a 32bit architecture
FIX - WC Products - The "variation enabled" column is locked on variation rows when it shouldn't
FIX - WC Products - The variation rows have empty titles
FIX - WC Products - When we display variations, the pagination skips some products because it considers the variation rows as product rows

------ V 2.10.0 - 2019-03-01 ------
NEW - FORMULAS - Add option to delete posts containing duplicate values (it works on wp core fields only).
NEW - CORE - Add admin-notice tip to the wp-admin>users.php page, similar to the coupons notice
CHANGE - CORE - Serialized fields - Added object cache to improve performance during reading context
CHANGE - CORE - Limit columns quantity to 250 to avoid performance problems when posts have too many fields
CHANGE - Updated to freemius v2.2.4
FIX - FORMULAS - Sometimes the columns visibility doesn't have a list of unfiltered columns causing an "invalid column" error when executing formulas, added a fallback to prevent it
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Spreadsheet setup - when clicked "auto detect new columns" it shows json
FIX - WC Products - Force WC to generate variation titles with all attributes, even when having a lot of attributes
FIX - WC Products - FORMULAS - The options search doesn't find visibility terms

------ V 2.9.3 - 2019-02-14 ------
FIX - CORE - If frontend plugin is active, the "wp sheet editor" admin menu is not registered
FIX - CORE - When allowing initialization on frontend, the core functionality never initializes because it uses a wp-admin only action.

------ V 2.9.2 - 2019-02-13 ------
FIX - WC Products - When we create variations, the parent product and variations don't appear on the sheet automatically
FIX - WC Products - When we reload one variable product to display along its variations, the parent product disappears from the sheet
FIX - WC Products - Variations - The attribute columns appear empty caused by the disabling of the post meta cache
FIX - WC Products - When we create variations for the first time and save, it doesn't save the prices
FIX - WC Products - When we create new variations, the "content" and "gallery" columns on the parent become locked
FIX - WC Products - Variations images aren't saving
FIX - CORE - Revert the disabling of the post meta cache when loading rows because it causes issues with blank columns and post saving.

------ V 2.9.1 - 2019-02-09 ------
CHANGE - WC Products - Remove "total sales" column from the blacklist, allow to view as readonly on the spreadsheet
CHANGE - WC Products - Remove "review count" column from the blacklist, allow to view as readonly on the spreadsheet
CHANGE - WC Products - Remove "average review" column from the blacklist, allow to view as readonly on the spreadsheet
FIX - WC Products - The sale and regular price columns were blacklisted by mistake
FIX - FORMULAS - WC Products - the sql formulas broke the serialized array on download files

------ V 2.9.0 - 2019-02-06 ------
NEW - CORE - Add option to change term separator character for taxonomy cells
NEW - POST TEMPLATES - Added "duplicate" tool to spreadsheet
NEW - CORE - allow to hide columns using the contextual menu
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Allow to search by list of IDs
NEW - ACF - Added support for the Maps field and generate GPS coordinates from the address automatically
NEW - SEARCH - WC PRODUCTS - Add option to search on variations
NEW - FORMULAS - Add edit type "Clear value"
NEW - CORE - Allow to copy paste image cells
NEW - CORE - Allow to edit image cells as plain text
NEW - CORE - Allow to enter external urls in image cells
NEW - CORE - Allow to copy paste content cells
NEW - CORE - Allow to edit content cells as plain text and using the tinymce at the same time
CHANGE - FILTERS - Contains keyword - Search using the main sql query instead of a separate query to improve performance
CHANGE - FILTERS - Not contains keyword - Search using the main sql query instead of a separate query to improve performance
CHANGE - FILTERS - Don't show the authors filter if the post type doesn't support authors
CHANGE - WC PRODUCTS - Show attributes in the variation title to help identify variations
CHANGE - CORE - tinymce popup - make it bigger by default (now it's too small)
CHANGE - CORE - When we create new rows, load all the new rows. Now it loads only the first 10
CHANGE - ADVANCED FILTERS - When selecting a checkbox/select , show the real checkbox/dropdown instead of plain input so they can select the value (Now they don't know what value to use)
CHANGE - ADVANCED FILTERS - Show individual filters in the current filters area instead of a global "advanced filters" item
CHANGE - FILTERS - When we remove a filter from the "current filters" section, clear the field on the search form as well
CHANGE - CORE - Usage stats widget - Tweak css to use less spaceAll plugin names must use "wp sheet editor - " as prefix , specially secondary plugins, so users can identify them quickly
CHANGE - CORE - COLUMNS API - Added options when register columns, so we can define read/save callbacks, helpful for registering columns for unrecognized data sources
CHANGE - CORE - move visual composer buttons from the content column to a separate column
CHANGE - CORE - Rewrite the gutenberg cell to have feature parity with the tinymce cell, so you can edit as plain text, copy paste, and update with formulas
CHANGE - CORE - when we copy locked cells, exclude the html lock icon from the copy, copy the real value
CHANGE - CORE - Image cells - Indicate if value is empty
CHANGE - CORE - Image cells - show excerpt of the value
CHANGE - CORE - Move locked cells rendering logic to the JS to improve performance and refactor PHP code.
CHANGE - CORE - Allow to edit tinymce cells without internet connection and save all the changes later
CHANGE - CORE - COLUMNS - Improved API to simplify the programmatic removal and update of column settings
CHANGE - WC Products - Optimize performance of inventory stats calculation. Reduced from ~1.2secs to 0.2secs
CHANGE - CORE - Disable term meta cache update when retrieving terms to improve performance.
CHANGE - CORE - Added internal data store to database providers to cache all db queries and reuse objects
CHANGE - CORE - Added prefetch logic to fetch all information from the database at once to improve performance. Reduced load time for 1000 rows at once, from 49secs to 7secs
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Added option to refresh columns list and detect new fields.
CHANGE - CORE - Cache columns list for 30 minutes on small sites, 7 days for big sites, to avoid scanning all database fields on every spreadsheet load. This reduced 1.2secs load time when loading 1000 rows at once
CHANGE - CORE - Load taxonomy terms for cells using ajax. This reduced load time by up to 1 second on big sites
CHANGE - CORE - Now you can enable the post-slug column live on the spreadsheet, no need to visit the settings page and reload spreadsheet
CHANGE - CORE - TinyMCE popup - now the save button closes the popup automatically
CHANGE - CORE - Removed help button from the quick setup > 2nd step > top because no one used it in 2 months
CHANGE - CORE - usage stats widget - if the current user is not administrator, show the "open spreadsheet" and "help" links only
FIX - WC Products - We can't copy variations if the original variation has fields that inherit value from the parent product, and those fields are missing from the target product
FIX - CORE - Gutenberg - media gallery and tinymce inline editors were hidden by mistake
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - "Delete" button sends to blank page on spreadsheet setup page
FIX - FORMULAS - Execute on variations doesn't find variations to update, wrong query
FIX - WC Products - Sometimes product features don't load because WC loaded too late on rare multisite installs
FIX - ADVANCED FILTERS - When we remove one advanced filter and submit form, the filter is not removed from the rows request
FIX - CORE - Make it work on php < 5.6
FIX - CORE - When we activate the premium plugin (CORE or WC Products) deactivate the free inventory spreadsheet because it's included in the premium plugin
FIX - FORMULAS - WC Products - The "short description" column has wrong name in the dropdown, it shows as "excerpt"
FIX - FORMULAS - WC Products - The "enable reviews" column has wrong name in the dropdown, it shows as "comments"
FIX - WC Products - short description is locked by mistake - it should be editable with tinymce renderer
FIX - WC - We can't copy variations if the original variation has fields that inherit value from the parent product, and those fields are missing from the target product

------ V 2.8.2 - 2019-01-21 ------
INTERNAL - CORE - Added profiling API to faciliate performance testing.
CHANGE - CORE - Optimize rows loading. Reduce load time for 100 rows from 27 to 7 seconds
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Form in settings page is not saving (nonce validation is failing)
FIX - CORE - Error 500 on rare occassions when /wp-admin/includes/post.php is loaded by wp or other plugins
FIX - CORE - Disable links on post content when editing with Gutenberg to avoid navigating away by mistake

------ V 2.8.1 - 2019-01-18 ------
FIX - FORMULAS - It's not executing, validation always fails

------ V 2.8.0 - 2019-01-16 ------
NEW - CORE - Added support for Gutenberg. Use Gutenberg right on the spreadsheet.
NEW - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Added automatic support for serialized columns (Experimental feature).
NEW - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Detect custom fields with boolean values and show them as checkboxes on the sheet (Experimental feature).
NEW - FILTERS - Allow to search by multiple keywords at once.
NEW - WC Products - Allow to copy variations from one product into all products from the current search.
NEW - Sheet setup - Add private URL parameter to delete all post types added through the setup page.
NEW - Search - USERS - allow to search by users with/without WooCommerce orders
NEW - USERS - Allow to delete individual rows
CHANGE - CORE - extensions list - CSS tweak.
CHANGE - CORE - remove icons from secondary toolbar to simplify it.
CHANGE - FACTORY API - Allow to define columns as callable to generate during runtime.
CHANGE - CORE - When we edit images/files on the "file upload" column, auto select the existing file on the media gallery
CHANGE - CORE - Use get_userdata when generating post_author cell value to improve performance.
CHANGE - USERS - Remove private fields from sheet
CHANGE - WC Products - When we edit downloadable files in the cell/formula, set downloadable=true automatically because WC doesn't save the files when products aren't downloadable forcing the user to set it manually and set files again.
CHANGE - CORE - Improved the ability to copy paste large amounts of data from Google Sheets and Excel.
CHANGE - CORE - Improved the usability on mobile devices/touch screens.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Add message indicating that missing columns can be enabled.
FIX - CORE - when we edit post slugs, wp doesn't redirect the old slug to the new one
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Don't register columns with empty key, rare error caused by corrupted mysql data.
FIX - CORE - If the current user is not allowed to edit posts from a post type, don't register a blank sheet for the post type.
FIX - WC Products - Formulas - The "downloadable files" column doesn't appear in the list.
FIX - WC Products - the taxonomy columns weren't registered on the sheet automatically (category, tags, and attributes missing).
FIX - WC Products - When editing a price, it didn't sync with the private _price field making it not show on the frontend.
FIX - FORMULAS - When searching using advanced filters, it updates all posts ignoring the search parameters.
FIX - FORMULAS - When executing with the slow method, the progress text shows the wrong number of posts updated per batch.
FIX - CORE - CUSTOM COLUMNS teaser shows oembed columns crashing the browser with hundreds of columns on rare occasions, which should be excluded.
FIX - FORMULAS - The pagination is not working, it's always updating the first page repeatedly.
FIX - FORMULAS - The "execute on variations" parameter is not working.
FIX - ACF - Checkbox columns don't save the values on the right order.
FIX - CORE - Added more than 200 bug fixes and performance improvements to the spreadsheet.
FIX - FORMULAS - Pagination used wrong total rows, making it not execute on the last page

------ V 2.7.0 - 2018-12-20 ------
NEW - ACF - Added support for checkbox fields
NEW - FORMULAS - Added support for serialized fields registered programmatically through the Serialized Fields API
NEW - CORE - Updated Serialized Fields API to support fields on user profiles (users extension)
NEW - CORE - Added spreadsheet factory API to create independent sheets easier
NEW - Created "easy digital downloads" spreadsheet.
CHANGE - CORE - tinymce - post_content - indicate that it doesn't work with gutenberg blocks and it works only with classic text
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Added hook 'vg_sheet_editor/save_rows/before_saving_cell' to standarize the saving filtering
CHANGE - Improved the columns api
FIX - CORE - When we prepare the "reading" value of a taxonomy cell, if the post has a term ID assigned with corrupt/missing values it causes error 500
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - When they're displayed on the quick setup, they have display: none and the page looks blank
FIX - ACF - Fields added on metaboxes containing multiple location conditions aren't showing on the sheet
FIX - CORE - CSS tweak
FIX - CORE - products teaser show when the products sheet is active
FIX - CORE - Rare mysql bug that sometimes returns repeated rows in next paginated requests. Added JS filter to not add repeated rows as workaround
FIX - WC Products - The featured column is not saving
FIX - WC Products - The product_visiblity column wasn't saving using the WC 3.5 db arquitecture
FIX - FORMULAS - js error caused by EDD's admin-scripts.js
FIX - WC Products - When adding prices to a variation, the add-to-cart button still shows "Read more" instead of "Select options"

------ V 2.6.0 - 2018-12-07 ------
NEW - EVENTS - Released events, venues, and organizers spreadsheet.

View extension

NEW - WooCommerce Coupons - Released coupons spreadsheet.

View extension

NEW - FORMULAS - Added $random_letters$ placeholder. Useful for generating coupon codes, passwords, etc.
NEW - ACF - Added support for relationship fields.
NEW - CORE - API. Added new cell type: metabox, which allows to show metaboxes in the spreadsheet for compatibility with complex UIs/data types.
NEW - FORMULAS - Allow to exclude posts by keyword.
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Add "post parent" filter.
NEW - FORMULAS - integrate search tool into the formulas builder to simplify the formulas form and allow advanced post selection.
NEW - CORE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Add option to remove/restore columns completely for unused fields.
NEW - CORE - Add option to settings page to allow to enable/disable object cache invalidation when saving posts.
NEW - CORE - Added options to context menu on the sheet to freeze/unfreeze columns.
NEW - CORE - Added options to context menu on the sheet: copy, cut, paste. 
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Make the search and replace fields as textarea to allow to replace entire paragraphs.
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - When we create/detect new fields after columns were sorted/enabled/disabled, show the new columns as default instead of hiding them.
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Don't show columns in the settings that don't allow to be sorted/hidden.
CHANGE - CORE - hide all wp notices in sheet page to make it cleaner.
CHANGE - CORE - tinymce - post content - indicate that it's possible to edit as plain text and link to settings.
CHANGE - CORE - sheet - move all settings related tools to a dropdown under settings - to simplify the toolbar.
CHANGE - POSTS TEMPLATES - Now templates must be posts with "private" status, to improve settings page performance on sites with thousands of posts.
FIX - ADVANCED FILTERS - When we search it adds a empty meta filter and causes "no results found".
FIX - CORE - Allow to load assets on any page related to sheet editor and stop checking if post types are valid.
FIX - FILTERS - Allow to submit by pressing enter.
FIX - CORE - Some forms in popups didn't submit.
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Save settings in independent field, redux was resetting the columns.
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - When we open the list, it shows the enabled columns in the wrong order.
FIX - ACF - true/false fields show "bad value" when we uncheck them.
FIX - CORE - Don't show the excerpt cell as html, show it as plain text.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - Variations attribute columns appear empty and values are not saved.
FIX - WC - Add support for Cross-sell and up-sell fields (save product ids separated by commas).
FIX - CORE - can't copy more than 1000 rows at once.
FIX - GLOBAL - php warnings.
FIX - CORE - when we activated all sheet plugins at once, sometimes the same sheet appeared duplicated on the wp-admin menu.

------ V 2.5.2 - 2018-11-04 ------
NEW - CORE - PREMIUM - Added support for Advanced Custom Fields +v5.0.0
NEW - CORE - Added activity log to improve the user experience locally.
NEW - FORMULAS - REPLACE - Allow regular expressions
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Simplified popup, removed all unnecessary text and elements.
CHANGE - CORE - Replace TGM library with direct link to wp plugin search.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Added option to use the slower, safer execution method
CHANGE - CORE - Refactoring made to the bootstrap api to allow extensions to control the spreadsheet initialization
CHANGE - CORE - Add message to indicate that tinymce editor can be resized.
CHANGE - CORE - PREMIUM - Add option to disable extension offerings.
CHANGE - FILTERS - Separate "locate cell" and "search" tools to avoid confussions.
FIX - WC - FORMULAS - When using other columns in a math formula as placeholders, it generates wrong result
FIX - ADVANCED SEARCH - When value is empty (we are searching for posts that have an empty field), include the NOT EXIST operator in the query because it doesn´t find all products
FIX - ADVANCED SEARCH - when we make a search by keyword, it doesn´t find results because there is an advanced filter empty
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Don't show private columns from WP CORE, ACF, and WC
FIX - CORE - The post type teaser in the quick setup's first step doesn't show all post types
FIX - CORE - Advanced filters teaser - fields were misaligned and didn't show
FIX - CORE - WC Teaser - All columns were locked, enabled the free columns.
FIX - CORE - Freemius optin - Can´t skip optin page
FIX - CORE - Upgrade buttons on formulas and custom post type teasers didn't work.
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - In the users spreadsheet it doesn´t register custom fields columns automatically
FIX - WC - Edit attributes - When saving multiple terms in global attributes, it saves them as single term.
FIX - FORMULAS - When a product doesn´t have a meta_key in the database, the SQL execution doesn´t update the product
FIX - WC - When a product was updated on the spreadsheet, the sale price date range was changed to a wrong timestamp
FIX - WC - When a sale price date is updated, the price and dates weren´t syncing properly
FIX - CORE - When opening tinymce editor in popup , the media gallery opens underneath the editor
FIX - CORE - Quick setup - delete post type doesn't work
FIX - CORE - Post type setup - If we send an existing post type, don't save it, just enable the existing post type.
FIX - CORE - Image cell - Show the large preview at the left side if the column is at the right side.
FIX - CORE - View Post - When we edit the post url in the sheet, the view post cell shows a broken link

------ V 2.5.1 - 08/12/2018 ------
CHANGE - CORE - Added custom fields column teasers for the users spreadsheet.
CHANGE - CORE - Added custom fields search teasers.
FIX - CORE - JS error caused by the plugin: "woocommerce product slider"
FIX - CORE - User provider - We can´t create a lot of users at once because sometimes the temporary username is repeated and wp doesn´t create all the users.
FIX - POSTS TEMPLATES - When we install another extension first, then CORE, the posts templates welcome page shouldn´t be displayed, it interrupts the extension setup flow.

------ V 2.5.0 - 07/22/2018 ------
NEW - CORE - Now Featured image cell shows image previews with zoom.
NEW - FILTERS - Added "locate cell" tool, which finds and highlights cells in the spreadsheet.
FIX - CORE - The wp core editor stopped working when you tried to open a custom post type not allowed by wp sheet editor.
FIX - ADVANCED FILTERS - meta field dropdown is not showing all fields.
FIX - Advanced Filters - meta filters are not working, they return empty search results.

------ V 2.4.0 - 07/17/2018 ------
NEW - FORMULAS - "Replace" allows empty search field to update empty fields only.
NEW - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Detect custom fields automatically and display the columns.
NEW - CORE - Added API for serialized fields columns.

CHANGE - CORE - Quick setup - Make it easier to skip the second step (modules selection).
CHANGE - CORE - Quick setup - Add "need help?" buttons in the entire process to reduce friction.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Allow to save post status by key or friendly name.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Dont allow to save invalid post statuses.
CHANGE - CORE - When people try to open the settings page and reduxframework is missing show a message asking them to install it.
CHANGE - CORE - Compress secondary toolbar to reduce clutter.
CHANGE - CORE - FREE - Add custom columns teaser.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Removed the "automatic execution" UI. It confused users.
CHANGE - Add help messages in custom columns page, formulas popup, and quick setup flow.
FIX - CORE - Show as simple text is not working.
FIX - CORE - Fix some license activating issues (updated freemius sdk).

------ V 2.3.1 - 06/11/2018 ------
CHANGE - Revert "fix - Columns visibility - when opening the products spreadsheet for the first time, the core columns are hidden" made in previous update to investigate the issue further.
FIX - CORE - When you enable post types in the quick-setup page, the last step doesn´t show a button to start editing the new post types.

------ V 2.3.0 - 06/03/2018 ------
NEW - Formulas - Allow to execute on posts matching a keyword in the title.
NEW - Formulas - Allow to execute formulas automatically after creating a post.
NEW - Formulas - Allow to save formulas for ongoing execution.
FIX - Formulas - When replacing in a downloadable file, it saves the wrong name
FIX - Columns visibility - when opening the products spreadsheet for the first time, the core columns are hidden.
CHANGE - CORE - Updated Freemius SDK.

------ V 2.2.0 - 05/30/2018 ------
NEW - CORE - Allow to disable cells lazy loading in order to use the browser search tool.
NEW - CORE - Allow to offset the rows to skip a number of posts.
NEW - WOOCOMMERCE - Allow to update downloadable files with formulas.
NEW - CORE - add column with button linking to post URL.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - When copying variations from one product to another the global attributes are saved as custom.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - When copying variations from one product to another it saves wrong variation image.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - Improved performance for inventory calculations.
FIX - CORE - Improved performance for sites with thousands of users.
CHANGE - CORE - Disable heartbeat api in the spreadsheet page to improve performance.

------ V 2.1.0 - 05/01/2018 ------
NEW - POST TEMPLATES - Released free extension for duplicating posts in the spreadsheet.
NEW - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - This premium feature is now free. You can hide and sort columns in the spreadsheet.
NEW - AUTO FILL CELLS - This premium feature is now free. You can autofill cells by dragging down a cell like you do in excel.
NEW - WOOCOMMERCE - Now we calculate the total inventory units and total inventory price of all the products in the spreadsheet and display it in the status bar
NEW - WOOCOMMERCE - Added new columns to the free version of the plugin: SKU, Width, Length, Height, Weight, Manage stock, Stock status, and stock quantity.
CHANGE - CORE - Improved usability. We updated some texts to make it clear what features are free and what features are premium
CHANGE - CORE - the quick setup flow was redesigned to make the setup easier to understand.
CHANGE - CORE - Improved translations. Now we include a .pot file.
FIX - CORE - Added compatibility with "ultimate fields" plugin.

------ V 2.0.0 - 04/01/2018 ------
NEW - WooCommerce - Allow to clone variations from one product to other products
NEW - WooCommerce - Create variation - Allow to create variations for multiple products at once.
NEW - WooCommerce - allow to copy downloadable files from other product in popup
NEW - CORE (free) - Add "search" tool. Search by keyword, author, and post status.
NEW - COLUMNS RESIZING - Allow to resize columns and save for next sessions.
NEW - FORMULAS - Allow to execute formula only on WooCommerce variations.
NEW - FILTERS - Added bar showing active filters with options to remove individual filters.
NEW - FILTERS - Added advanced meta filters with operators like =, !=, <, >, LIKE, etc.
NEW - CORE - Added status bar showing number of posts loaded in spreadsheet and total posts available according to the filters.
NEW - CORE - Added settings page button in the toolbar for quick access.
NEW - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Added settings page button in the toolbar for quick access.
NEW - FORMULAS - Added option for executing custom formula on any field type.
NEW - PRO - Added set up wizard for post types that allows you to set up a post type and custom columns quickly.
NEW - FORMULAS - Added direct SQL execution for simple formulas allowing to update thousands of posts in just a few seconds. Huge speed improvement.
NEW - CORE - Updated welcome page to showcase extensions.
NEW - PRO - Added option to create new spreadsheets for new post types.
NEW - USERS - Released users extension for editing WordPress users profiles in spreadsheet.
NEW - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Released extension for exporting posts to Google Sheets, Excel, or any spreadsheet program, and Importing back to WordPress.
CHANGE - CORE - Updated texts for improved usability.
CHANGE - CORE - Removed extensions teasers and replaced with a simple text message.
CHANGE - CORE - If the spreadsheet wasn´t modified, don´t show the "please save your changes" notification when the page is closed.
FIX - CORE - When closing file uploads or tinymce popups, the screen doesn´t return to the original position.
FIX - CORE - Sometimes options page doesn´t load.
FIX - CORE - Schedule posts are not showing on spreadsheet.
FIX - WooCommerce - Variation titles appear empty.
FIX - FORMULAS - Sometimes it doesn´t update the last posts.
FIX - FORMULAS - Sometimes when searching post terms while preparing formula, it doesn´t find any.
FIX - FILTERS - When using the same filter multiple times with different values it starts returning wrong posts.
FIX - FILTERS - When making a lot of searches, the total posts count changes and the infinite scroll stops working.
FIX - CUSTOM POST TYPES - It doesn´t allow post types created after the settings page is registered, ignoring post types added by "types" plugin.
FIX - FORMULAS - It doesn´t accept decimal numbers.
FIX - CORE - it doesn´t allow to create new WooCommerce products.
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - It doesn´t allow to remove the first column.
FIX - WooCommerce - When editing attributes it marks "visible" and "is taxonomy" as true ignoring the set value.
FIX - FORMULAS - it doesn´t allow to replace something with nothing (remove a value).
FIX - FORMULAS - File columns dont save files when using url with query strings
FIX - WooCommerce - download files popup doesn´t show previously edited values
FIX - CORE - spreadsheet becomes too slow when loading thousands of rows.
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Drag and drop is not working on popup
FIX - FORMULAS - Wrong formula generated for "decrease by %" option.

------ V 1.4.7 - 05/16/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - Allow users with "edit_posts" capability to use the editor.
FIX: FORMULAS - JS error while executing formulas.
FIX: CORE - It doesn´t save the post date on post with "draft" status.

------ V 1.4.6 - 05/03/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - sometimes it doesn´t save custom fields properly.
FIX: CORE - file / image field - when selecting a new file save automatically otherwise the preview wont work.

------ V 1.4.5 - 05/03/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - Teasers dont check if the freemius premium plugin is active.

------ V 1.4.4 - 05/01/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - tinymce popup - links editor appeared underneath the modal.
FIX: CORE - TGM - It uses wrong method causing a php error.
FIX: WC - create posts - It creates products when we request to create other post types.
Other small fixes and changes.

------ V 1.4.3 - 04/27/2017 ------
NEW: CORE - Integrated Freemius SDK.

------ V 1.4.2 - 04/21/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - When saving for a second time, it doesn´t recognize the last changes. 
FIX: CORE - tinymce - when editing links, the link editor is displayed below the modal. 
FIX: WC - variations titles appear empty some times. 
FIX: CORE - It keeps loading forever when creating new posts. 
FIX: WC - download_limit and download_expiry show -1 as value when it should be empty. 
FIX: Filters - Searching returns zero results. 
Other minor changes.

------ V 1.4.1 - 04/13/2017 ------
FIX: CUSTOM COLUMNS - JS Error when viewing pages that are not the editor. 
CHANGE: CORE - Now you can enable the editor on private post types (for advanced users). 
NEW: WOOCOMMERCE - Added "type" column to edit product type. 
CHANGE: CUSTOM COLUMNS - Now the "key" field autocompletes with the list of existing keys.

------ V 1.4.0 - 04/10/2017 ------
NEW: WooCommerce - Added "Edit Attributes" column for editing/creating custom and global attributes.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added support for "variable" products and all their fields.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added support for "downloadable" products and all their fields.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added "Default Attributes" column for variable products.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added "shipping_class" column.
NEW: Formulas - Allow wildcards in REPLACE formula.
NEW: Formulas - You can search and replace, or save images using URLs.
NEW: Formulas - Added formulas builder to create formulas easily.
NEW: Columns visibility - Added option to sort and hide columns live in the spreadsheet.
NEW: CORE - Now you can upload images and files using URLs.
CHANGE: WooCommerce - Rewritten attributes saving / displaying logic.
CHANGE: CORE - After saving changes, the modified cells are no longer considered as modified.
CHANGE: CORE - Dashboard widget - Added button to open the spreadsheet editor.
CHANGE: CORE - Dashboard widget - Moved to the top of the page.
CHANGE: CORE - Converted all cells for "yes | no" values to checkboxes to make it easier to edit.
CHANGE: CORE - Allow to edit WooCommerce products in the free version, but with limited columns and product types.
CHANGE: CORE - Done a performance audit in the spreadsheet and improved performance by 300%in some cases. Now you can open hundreds of posts in the spreadsheet.
CHANGE: CORE - Done a performance audit in the saving process and improved performance by 200%in some cases. Now the saving is faster.
CHANGE: WooCommerce - Added compatibility with PHP 5.2.
CHANGE: CORE - Updated some texts and adding some upgrade invitations.
FIX: CORE - When closing a popup it moves the scroll to the top and left, loosing the position.
FIX: CORE - Checkbox cells displayed a "bad-value" message when the cells were empty.
FIX: CORE - The saving log displays the last messages at the bottom making them not visible.
FIX: Formulas - After executing a formula successfully it shows a message saying the process didn´t complete.
FIX: Formulas - The updates log displays the last messages at the bottom making them not visible.
FIX: PRO - When enabling the premium plugin it shows an error if the free plugin is active.
FIX: CORE - QUICK USAGE - TGM - If another theme or plugin uses the library, the button in the page breaks.
Other minor changes.

------ V 1.3.1 - 12/24/2016 ------
NEW: Options page - Added option to allow the edition of the post slugs column. It´s off by default for security reasons.
NEW: Formulas - Added placeholders to use other columns values in formulas.
FIX: Columns visibility - Fixed some PHP warnings.
CHANGE: Options page - If reduxframework is not active, don´t display links to the options page to prevent confusions.
CHANGE: Options page - If reduxframework is not active, save default settings during installation to allow the use of the plugin without reduxframework.
FIX: Custom columns - Default data source is empty, so some columns are not connecting to the database.
FIX: YOAST SEO - The score column is being registered even if YOAST SEO is not active or the column was disabled.
FIX: Save changes - When loading more posts in the spreadsheet, it considers the last posts as "modified" and saves them with no need.
FIX: Custom columns - new columns don´t allow to be hidden or renamed in options page, due to a wrong default setting.
FIX: Custom columns - new columns are marked as "hidden" in the options page by default.
FIX: Formulas > replace - If the search or replace text contains quotes, it breaks.
FIX: Formulas > replace - It doesn´t save changes to the "content" column, sometimes it leaves the field blank losing existing content.
FIX: Formulas > replace - If replacing $current_value and current_value is empty, the post is skipped.
FIX: Options page - It doesn´t load the options page in some cases when reduxframework is loaded internally by other plugins.
FIX: Quick usage screen - After saving settings it generates a redirection loop.
FIX: Global - Sometimes the options dropdowns won´t open due to css conflicts with other plugins or theme.

------ V 1.3.0 - 12/05/2016 ------
NEW: CORE - Added option to fix the first column, so it´s always visible while scrolling to the right.
NEW: Filters - Added option to search/filter by keyword in post title or post content.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added columns: "allow backorders", "is featured", "manage stock", "stock quantity".
NEW: Columns visibility - Now you can sort the columns on the settings page per post type.
FIX: Custom columns - Some JS files were loading globally in wp-admin causing issues.

------ V 1.2.1 - 11/30/2016 ------
FIX: CORE - When saving email-optin notice it doesn´t save a flag to not display it again.
FIX: CORE - Quick setup screen - when redux-framework is already active, TGM throws a warning.

------ V 1.2.0 - 11/28/2016 ------
NEW: Added "what´s new" page after plugin updates to show the new features to the users.
NEW: Added "custom columns" module that allows to add custom fields to the spreadsheet editor.
CHANGE: Added logo to the dashboard widget.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - Display file upload columns only if the wp user has permissions to upload files.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - Display only the posts that the wp user is allowed to view and edit.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - If the wp user is not allowed to publish or delete posts, we don´t show the option while editing posts.

------ V 1.1.0 - 11/23/2016 ------
NEW: Added multisite compatibility, one license per network. 
FIX: License verification - Removed PHP error on old versions of PHP. 
NEW: Added Advanced Custom Fields integration. Edit basic ACF fields in the spreadsheet. 
FIX: WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet - JS conflict caused by WC JS files. 
NEW: Added Visual Composer integration. Use Visual Composer backend and live editor while using the spreadsheet editor. 
CHANGE: Dependencies - Don´t ask to install required plugins if the plugins already loaded from a theme. 
CHANGE: Quick usage screen - Added "Settings" button. 
FIX: Spreadsheet - Cells with very long values make the rows too tall. Now the text is truncated aesthetically but saved in full. 
CHANGE: Spreadsheet - If there are no posts to display, don´t display empty rows. 
CHANGE: Added "PRO Theme - Professional WP Admin Dashboard Theme" compatibility. 
CHANGE: Tweaked the CSS to prevent conflicts with other plugins.

------ V 1.0.1 11/08/2016 ------
FIX: when saving posts in the spreadsheet, the post ID is wrong. 
FIX: when saving posts, the modal on the front-end doesn´t show the right number of posts to be saved.
FIX: when editing a "single image upload" cell, we get a JS error.

------ V 1.0.0 - 11/08/2016 ------
- Initial release.
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