In this page you can see the changelog for the CORE plugin, which includes the free version of the plugin and the premium version with all the bundled extensions.

If you want to see the changelog for our other independent products (not bundled with the CORE plugin), check these links:

Items with “CORE” label describe changes made to the free version of the plugin. The rest of the labels (WC, Formulas, Filters, etc.) describe changes made to premium add-ons.

------ V 2.6.0 - 2018-12-07 ------
NEW - EVENTS - Released events, venues, and organizers spreadsheet. View extension.
NEW - WooCommerce Coupons - Released coupons spreadsheet. View extension.
NEW - FORMULAS - Added $random_letters$ placeholder. Useful for generating coupon codes, passwords, etc.
NEW - ACF - Added support for relationship fields.
NEW - CORE - API. Added new cell type: metabox, which allows to show metaboxes in the spreadsheet for compatibility with complex UIs/data types.
NEW - FORMULAS - Allow to exclude posts by keyword.
NEW - ADVANCED FILTERS - Add "post parent" filter.
NEW - FORMULAS - integrate search tool into the formulas builder to simplify the formulas form and allow advanced post selection.
NEW - CORE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Add option to remove/restore columns completely for unused fields.
NEW - CORE - Add option to settings page to allow to enable/disable object cache invalidation when saving posts.
NEW - CORE - Added options to context menu on the sheet to freeze/unfreeze columns.
NEW - CORE - Added options to context menu on the sheet: copy, cut, paste. 
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Make the search and replace fields as textarea to allow to replace entire paragraphs.
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - When we create/detect new fields after columns were sorted/enabled/disabled, show the new columns as default instead of hiding them.
CHANGE - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Don't show columns in the settings that don't allow to be sorted/hidden.
CHANGE - CORE - hide all wp notices in sheet page to make it cleaner.
CHANGE - CORE - tinymce - post content - indicate that it's possible to edit as plain text and link to settings.
CHANGE - CORE - sheet - move all settings related tools to a dropdown under settings - to simplify the toolbar.
CHANGE - POSTS TEMPLATES - Now templates must be posts with "private" status, to improve settings page performance on sites with thousands of posts.
FIX - ADVANCED FILTERS - When we search it adds a empty meta filter and causes "no results found".
FIX - CORE - Allow to load assets on any page related to sheet editor and stop checking if post types are valid.
FIX - FILTERS - Allow to submit by pressing enter.
FIX - CORE - Some forms in popups didn't submit.
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Save settings in independent field, redux was resetting the columns.
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - When we open the list, it shows the enabled columns in the wrong order.
FIX - ACF - true/false fields show "bad value" when we uncheck them.
FIX - CORE - Don't show the excerpt cell as html, show it as plain text.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - Variations attribute columns appear empty and values are not saved.
FIX - WC - Add support for Cross-sell and up-sell fields (save product ids separated by commas).
FIX - CORE - can't copy more than 1000 rows at once.
FIX - GLOBAL - php warnings.
FIX - CORE - when we activated all sheet plugins at once, sometimes the same sheet appeared duplicated on the wp-admin menu.

------ V 2.5.2 - 2018-11-04 ------
NEW - CORE - PREMIUM - Added support for Advanced Custom Fields +v5.0.0
NEW - CORE - Added activity log to improve the user experience locally.
NEW - FORMULAS - REPLACE - Allow regular expressions
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Simplified popup, removed all unnecessary text and elements.
CHANGE - CORE - Replace TGM library with direct link to wp plugin search.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Added option to use the slower, safer execution method
CHANGE - CORE - Refactoring made to the bootstrap api to allow extensions to control the spreadsheet initialization
CHANGE - CORE - Add message to indicate that tinymce editor can be resized.
CHANGE - CORE - PREMIUM - Add option to disable extension offerings.
CHANGE - FILTERS - Separate "locate cell" and "search" tools to avoid confussions.
FIX - WC - FORMULAS - When using other columns in a math formula as placeholders, it generates wrong result
FIX - ADVANCED SEARCH - When value is empty (we are searching for posts that have an empty field), include the NOT EXIST operator in the query because it doesn´t find all products
FIX - ADVANCED SEARCH - when we make a search by keyword, it doesn´t find results because there is an advanced filter empty
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Don't show private columns from WP CORE, ACF, and WC
FIX - CORE - The post type teaser in the quick setup's first step doesn't show all post types
FIX - CORE - Advanced filters teaser - fields were misaligned and didn't show
FIX - CORE - WC Teaser - All columns were locked, enabled the free columns.
FIX - CORE - Freemius optin - Can´t skip optin page
FIX - CORE - Upgrade buttons on formulas and custom post type teasers didn't work.
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - In the users spreadsheet it doesn´t register custom fields columns automatically
FIX - WC - Edit attributes - When saving multiple terms in global attributes, it saves them as single term.
FIX - FORMULAS - When a product doesn´t have a meta_key in the database, the SQL execution doesn´t update the product
FIX - WC - When a product was updated on the spreadsheet, the sale price date range was changed to a wrong timestamp
FIX - WC - When a sale price date is updated, the price and dates weren´t syncing properly
FIX - CORE - When opening tinymce editor in popup , the media gallery opens underneath the editor
FIX - CORE - Quick setup - delete post type doesn't work
FIX - CORE - Post type setup - If we send an existing post type, don't save it, just enable the existing post type.
FIX - CORE - Image cell - Show the large preview at the left side if the column is at the right side.
FIX - CORE - View Post - When we edit the post url in the sheet, the view post cell shows a broken link

------ V 2.5.1 - 08/12/2018 ------
CHANGE - CORE - Added custom fields column teasers for the users spreadsheet.
CHANGE - CORE - Added custom fields search teasers.
FIX - CORE - JS error caused by the plugin: "woocommerce product slider"
FIX - CORE - User provider - We can´t create a lot of users at once because sometimes the temporary username is repeated and wp doesn´t create all the users.
FIX - POSTS TEMPLATES - When we install another extension first, then CORE, the posts templates welcome page shouldn´t be displayed, it interrupts the extension setup flow.

------ V 2.5.0 - 07/22/2018 ------
NEW - CORE - Now Featured image cell shows image previews with zoom.
NEW - FILTERS - Added "locate cell" tool, which finds and highlights cells in the spreadsheet.
FIX - CORE - The wp core editor stopped working when you tried to open a custom post type not allowed by wp sheet editor.
FIX - ADVANCED FILTERS - meta field dropdown is not showing all fields.
FIX - Advanced Filters - meta filters are not working, they return empty search results.

------ V 2.4.0 - 07/17/2018 ------
NEW - FORMULAS - "Replace" allows empty search field to update empty fields only.
NEW - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Detect custom fields automatically and display the columns.
NEW - CORE - Added API for serialized fields columns.

CHANGE - CORE - Quick setup - Make it easier to skip the second step (modules selection).
CHANGE - CORE - Quick setup - Add "need help?" buttons in the entire process to reduce friction.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Allow to save post status by key or friendly name.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Dont allow to save invalid post statuses.
CHANGE - CORE - When people try to open the settings page and reduxframework is missing show a message asking them to install it.
CHANGE - CORE - Compress secondary toolbar to reduce clutter.
CHANGE - CORE - FREE - Add custom columns teaser.
CHANGE - FORMULAS - Removed the "automatic execution" UI. It confused users.
CHANGE - Add help messages in custom columns page, formulas popup, and quick setup flow.
FIX - CORE - Show as simple text is not working.
FIX - CORE - Fix some license activating issues (updated freemius sdk).

------ V 2.3.1 - 06/11/2018 ------
CHANGE - Revert "fix - Columns visibility - when opening the products spreadsheet for the first time, the core columns are hidden" made in previous update to investigate the issue further.
FIX - CORE - When you enable post types in the quick-setup page, the last step doesn´t show a button to start editing the new post types.

------ V 2.3.0 - 06/03/2018 ------
NEW - Formulas - Allow to execute on posts matching a keyword in the title.
NEW - Formulas - Allow to execute formulas automatically after creating a post.
NEW - Formulas - Allow to save formulas for ongoing execution.
FIX - Formulas - When replacing in a downloadable file, it saves the wrong name
FIX - Columns visibility - when opening the products spreadsheet for the first time, the core columns are hidden.
CHANGE - CORE - Updated Freemius SDK.

------ V 2.2.0 - 05/30/2018 ------
NEW - CORE - Allow to disable cells lazy loading in order to use the browser search tool.
NEW - CORE - Allow to offset the rows to skip a number of posts.
NEW - WOOCOMMERCE - Allow to update downloadable files with formulas.
NEW - CORE - add column with button linking to post URL.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - When copying variations from one product to another the global attributes are saved as custom.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - When copying variations from one product to another it saves wrong variation image.
FIX - WOOCOMMERCE - Improved performance for inventory calculations.
FIX - CORE - Improved performance for sites with thousands of users.
CHANGE - CORE - Disable heartbeat api in the spreadsheet page to improve performance.

------ V 2.1.0 - 05/01/2018 ------
NEW - POST TEMPLATES - Released free extension for duplicating posts in the spreadsheet.
NEW - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - This premium feature is now free. You can hide and sort columns in the spreadsheet.
NEW - AUTO FILL CELLS - This premium feature is now free. You can autofill cells by dragging down a cell like you do in excel.
NEW - WOOCOMMERCE - Now we calculate the total inventory units and total inventory price of all the products in the spreadsheet and display it in the status bar
NEW - WOOCOMMERCE - Added new columns to the free version of the plugin: SKU, Width, Length, Height, Weight, Manage stock, Stock status, and stock quantity.
CHANGE - CORE - Improved usability. We updated some texts to make it clear what features are free and what features are premium
CHANGE - CORE - the quick setup flow was redesigned to make the setup easier to understand.
CHANGE - CORE - Improved translations. Now we include a .pot file.
FIX - CORE - Added compatibility with "ultimate fields" plugin.

------ V 2.0.0 - 04/01/2018 ------
NEW - WooCommerce - Allow to clone variations from one product to other products
NEW - WooCommerce - Create variation - Allow to create variations for multiple products at once.
NEW - WooCommerce - allow to copy downloadable files from other product in popup
NEW - CORE (free) - Add "search" tool. Search by keyword, author, and post status.
NEW - COLUMNS RESIZING - Allow to resize columns and save for next sessions.
NEW - FORMULAS - Allow to execute formula only on WooCommerce variations.
NEW - FILTERS - Added bar showing active filters with options to remove individual filters.
NEW - FILTERS - Added advanced meta filters with operators like =, !=, <, >, LIKE, etc.
NEW - CORE - Added status bar showing number of posts loaded in spreadsheet and total posts available according to the filters.
NEW - CORE - Added settings page button in the toolbar for quick access.
NEW - CUSTOM COLUMNS - Added settings page button in the toolbar for quick access.
NEW - FORMULAS - Added option for executing custom formula on any field type.
NEW - PRO - Added set up wizard for post types that allows you to set up a post type and custom columns quickly.
NEW - FORMULAS - Added direct SQL execution for simple formulas allowing to update thousands of posts in just a few seconds. Huge speed improvement.
NEW - CORE - Updated welcome page to showcase extensions.
NEW - PRO - Added option to create new spreadsheets for new post types.
NEW - USERS - Released users extension for editing WordPress users profiles in spreadsheet.
NEW - UNIVERSAL SHEET - Released extension for exporting posts to Google Sheets, Excel, or any spreadsheet program, and Importing back to WordPress.
CHANGE - CORE - Updated texts for improved usability.
CHANGE - CORE - Removed extensions teasers and replaced with a simple text message.
CHANGE - CORE - If the spreadsheet wasn´t modified, don´t show the "please save your changes" notification when the page is closed.
FIX - CORE - When closing file uploads or tinymce popups, the screen doesn´t return to the original position.
FIX - CORE - Sometimes options page doesn´t load.
FIX - CORE - Schedule posts are not showing on spreadsheet.
FIX - WooCommerce - Variation titles appear empty.
FIX - FORMULAS - Sometimes it doesn´t update the last posts.
FIX - FORMULAS - Sometimes when searching post terms while preparing formula, it doesn´t find any.
FIX - FILTERS - When using the same filter multiple times with different values it starts returning wrong posts.
FIX - FILTERS - When making a lot of searches, the total posts count changes and the infinite scroll stops working.
FIX - CUSTOM POST TYPES - It doesn´t allow post types created after the settings page is registered, ignoring post types added by "types" plugin.
FIX - FORMULAS - It doesn´t accept decimal numbers.
FIX - CORE - it doesn´t allow to create new WooCommerce products.
FIX - CUSTOM COLUMNS - It doesn´t allow to remove the first column.
FIX - WooCommerce - When editing attributes it marks "visible" and "is taxonomy" as true ignoring the set value.
FIX - FORMULAS - it doesn´t allow to replace something with nothing (remove a value).
FIX - FORMULAS - File columns dont save files when using url with query strings
FIX - WooCommerce - download files popup doesn´t show previously edited values
FIX - CORE - spreadsheet becomes too slow when loading thousands of rows.
FIX - COLUMNS VISIBILITY - Drag and drop is not working on popup
FIX - FORMULAS - Wrong formula generated for "decrease by %" option.

------ V 1.4.7 - 05/16/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - Allow users with "edit_posts" capability to use the editor.
FIX: FORMULAS - JS error while executing formulas.
FIX: CORE - It doesn´t save the post date on post with "draft" status.

------ V 1.4.6 - 05/03/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - sometimes it doesn´t save custom fields properly.
FIX: CORE - file / image field - when selecting a new file save automatically otherwise the preview wont work.

------ V 1.4.5 - 05/03/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - Teasers dont check if the freemius premium plugin is active.

------ V 1.4.4 - 05/01/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - tinymce popup - links editor appeared underneath the modal.
FIX: CORE - TGM - It uses wrong method causing a php error.
FIX: WC - create posts - It creates products when we request to create other post types.
Other small fixes and changes.

------ V 1.4.3 - 04/27/2017 ------
NEW: CORE - Integrated Freemius SDK.

------ V 1.4.2 - 04/21/2017 ------
FIX: CORE - When saving for a second time, it doesn´t recognize the last changes. 
FIX: CORE - tinymce - when editing links, the link editor is displayed below the modal. 
FIX: WC - variations titles appear empty some times. 
FIX: CORE - It keeps loading forever when creating new posts. 
FIX: WC - download_limit and download_expiry show -1 as value when it should be empty. 
FIX: Filters - Searching returns zero results. 
Other minor changes.

------ V 1.4.1 - 04/13/2017 ------
FIX: CUSTOM COLUMNS - JS Error when viewing pages that are not the editor. 
CHANGE: CORE - Now you can enable the editor on private post types (for advanced users). 
NEW: WOOCOMMERCE - Added "type" column to edit product type. 
CHANGE: CUSTOM COLUMNS - Now the "key" field autocompletes with the list of existing keys.

------ V 1.4.0 - 04/10/2017 ------
NEW: WooCommerce - Added "Edit Attributes" column for editing/creating custom and global attributes.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added support for "variable" products and all their fields.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added support for "downloadable" products and all their fields.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added "Default Attributes" column for variable products.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added "shipping_class" column.
NEW: Formulas - Allow wildcards in REPLACE formula.
NEW: Formulas - You can search and replace, or save images using URLs.
NEW: Formulas - Added formulas builder to create formulas easily.
NEW: Columns visibility - Added option to sort and hide columns live in the spreadsheet.
NEW: CORE - Now you can upload images and files using URLs.
CHANGE: WooCommerce - Rewritten attributes saving / displaying logic.
CHANGE: CORE - After saving changes, the modified cells are no longer considered as modified.
CHANGE: CORE - Dashboard widget - Added button to open the spreadsheet editor.
CHANGE: CORE - Dashboard widget - Moved to the top of the page.
CHANGE: CORE - Converted all cells for "yes | no" values to checkboxes to make it easier to edit.
CHANGE: CORE - Allow to edit WooCommerce products in the free version, but with limited columns and product types.
CHANGE: CORE - Done a performance audit in the spreadsheet and improved performance by 300% in some cases. Now you can open hundreds of posts in the spreadsheet.
CHANGE: CORE - Done a performance audit in the saving process and improved performance by 200% in some cases. Now the saving is faster.
CHANGE: WooCommerce - Added compatibility with PHP 5.2.
CHANGE: CORE - Updated some texts and adding some upgrade invitations.
FIX: CORE - When closing a popup it moves the scroll to the top and left, loosing the position.
FIX: CORE - Checkbox cells displayed a "bad-value" message when the cells were empty.
FIX: CORE - The saving log displays the last messages at the bottom making them not visible.
FIX: Formulas - After executing a formula successfully it shows a message saying the process didn´t complete.
FIX: Formulas - The updates log displays the last messages at the bottom making them not visible.
FIX: PRO - When enabling the premium plugin it shows an error if the free plugin is active.
FIX: CORE - QUICK USAGE - TGM - If another theme or plugin uses the library, the button in the page breaks.
Other minor changes.

------ V 1.3.1 - 12/24/2016 ------
NEW: Options page - Added option to allow the edition of the post slugs column. It´s off by default for security reasons.
NEW: Formulas - Added placeholders to use other columns values in formulas.
FIX: Columns visibility - Fixed some PHP warnings.
CHANGE: Options page - If reduxframework is not active, don´t display links to the options page to prevent confusions.
CHANGE: Options page - If reduxframework is not active, save default settings during installation to allow the use of the plugin without reduxframework.
FIX: Custom columns - Default data source is empty, so some columns are not connecting to the database.
FIX: YOAST SEO - The score column is being registered even if YOAST SEO is not active or the column was disabled.
FIX: Save changes - When loading more posts in the spreadsheet, it considers the last posts as "modified" and saves them with no need.
FIX: Custom columns - new columns don´t allow to be hidden or renamed in options page, due to a wrong default setting.
FIX: Custom columns - new columns are marked as "hidden" in the options page by default.
FIX: Formulas > replace - If the search or replace text contains quotes, it breaks.
FIX: Formulas > replace - It doesn´t save changes to the "content" column, sometimes it leaves the field blank losing existing content.
FIX: Formulas > replace - If replacing $current_value and current_value is empty, the post is skipped.
FIX: Options page - It doesn´t load the options page in some cases when reduxframework is loaded internally by other plugins.
FIX: Quick usage screen - After saving settings it generates a redirection loop.
FIX: Global - Sometimes the options dropdowns won´t open due to css conflicts with other plugins or theme.

------ V 1.3.0 - 12/05/2016 ------
NEW: CORE - Added option to fix the first column, so it´s always visible while scrolling to the right.
NEW: Filters - Added option to search/filter by keyword in post title or post content.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added columns: "allow backorders", "is featured", "manage stock", "stock quantity".
NEW: Columns visibility - Now you can sort the columns on the settings page per post type.
FIX: Custom columns - Some JS files were loading globally in wp-admin causing issues.

------ V 1.2.1 - 11/30/2016 ------
FIX: CORE - When saving email-optin notice it doesn´t save a flag to not display it again.
FIX: CORE - Quick setup screen - when redux-framework is already active, TGM throws a warning.

------ V 1.2.0 - 11/28/2016 ------
NEW: Added "what´s new" page after plugin updates to show the new features to the users.
NEW: Added "custom columns" module that allows to add custom fields to the spreadsheet editor.
CHANGE: Added logo to the dashboard widget.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - Display file upload columns only if the wp user has permissions to upload files.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - Display only the posts that the wp user is allowed to view and edit.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - If the wp user is not allowed to publish or delete posts, we don´t show the option while editing posts.

------ V 1.1.0 - 11/23/2016 ------
NEW: Added multisite compatibility, one license per network. 
FIX: License verification - Removed PHP error on old versions of PHP. 
NEW: Added Advanced Custom Fields integration. Edit basic ACF fields in the spreadsheet. 
FIX: WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet - JS conflict caused by WC JS files. 
NEW: Added Visual Composer integration. Use Visual Composer backend and live editor while using the spreadsheet editor. 
CHANGE: Dependencies - Don´t ask to install required plugins if the plugins already loaded from a theme. 
CHANGE: Quick usage screen - Added "Settings" button. 
FIX: Spreadsheet - Cells with very long values make the rows too tall. Now the text is truncated aesthetically but saved in full. 
CHANGE: Spreadsheet - If there are no posts to display, don´t display empty rows. 
CHANGE: Added "PRO Theme - Professional WP Admin Dashboard Theme" compatibility. 
CHANGE: Tweaked the CSS to prevent conflicts with other plugins.

------ V 1.0.1 11/08/2016 ------
FIX: when saving posts in the spreadsheet, the post ID is wrong. 
FIX: when saving posts, the modal on the front-end doesn´t show the right number of posts to be saved.
FIX: when editing a "single image upload" cell, we get a JS error.

------ V 1.0.0 - 11/08/2016 ------
- Initial release.