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Spreadsheets for Apps and Dashboards

Create new spreadsheets, display them anywhere, and share them with any user.

Create Apps with WordPress Faster

WordPress is a powerful platform and you can use it to create Social Media Apps, Events Directories, Marketplaces, Business listings, Employee management dashboards, and more.

This plugin is perfect for managing the Information in your Apps.

This plugin will save you a lot of time and money. Forget about creating multiple pages with forms, forget about developing the forms, saving into info in the database, buying multiple extensions for each feature, etc.

This plugin let’s you select the information to edit, and it automatically provides a spreadsheet where your app or website users can view, create, and edit information easily.

Use cases

Custom Apps

You can create a WordPress site where users can log in and edit Tweets.

Create a spreadsheet named “My tweets” with the columns: Tweet, Date, Image (image uploader).

Now your users can manage tweets easily using the spreadsheet in the frontend.

Events listings

You can create a WordPress site using a plugin for managing events.

Now you want to allow your users to submit their own events.

You can create a page called “My events” and display a spreadsheet with the columns: Event title, organizer, description, image, date, and other meta data.

WooCommerce Stores

You have 2 employees: Jose edits the products stock, and Mark edits the products prices.

You can create one spreadsheet for Jose with the columns “Product title, Stock status, Stock quantity”.

You can create another spreadsheet for Mark, with the columns “Product title, Regular price, Sale price”.

Client dashboard

You created a WordPress site for a client, but you don´t want the client to use wp-admin.

You can create a page called “Posts” and display a spreadsheet where your client can view and edit blog posts easily.

He can edit all the posts in a single page, he can make advanced searches, etc.

  • Create Custom Spreadsheets for editing Post Types
  • Edit Posts and Pages on the Frontend
  • Edit WooCommerce Products without using wp-admin
  • Edit Custom Post Types on the Frontend
  • Customize columns for every spreadsheet
  • Display the spreadsheet on any page using a Shortcode


Pro features

If you purchase the “Frontend” extension, you´ll have access to all these features in the frontend:

  • Custom Post Types: Edit all custom post types in the Frontend
  • WooCommerce Products: Full integration. Edit all Fields, Attributes, Variations.
  • Advanced searches: Search by keyword, date range, author, taxonomies, and custom fields.
  • Custom Columns: Add custom columns to the Frontend Spreadsheets
  • Columns resizing: Change columns sizes
  • Columns visibility: Every spreadsheet can have different columns. Hide, display, and sort columns for every spreadsheet.
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Edit metaboxes in the Frontend with the Spreadsheets.
  • YOAST SEO: Edit SEO titles, descriptions, keywords in spreadsheet
  • And more

Additional features

You can purchase these extensions to add more features to the Frontend Spreadsheet:

  • Users: Edit WordPress users and customer profiles in the Frontend

For example.

In order to edit “Users” in the Frontend, you need to purchase 2 plugins. “Frontend” extension for the spreadsheet editor + “users” extension for the user profile features.

User Roles Supported

We respect WordPress User Roles.

Contributors can submit posts but not publish them.

Authors can view and edit their own posts only.

Editors and administrators can view and edit all posts.

FAQ – Questions

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