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WooCommerce Customers Spreadsheet

No import/export needed. All the changes apply live on the website.

A Spreadsheet created specially for WooCommerce Customers

Finding WooCommerce Customers is very difficult 🙂

The WordPress Users search is very limited, you can search by name and email only.

If you want to find specific customers you need to open a lot of pages, make a lot of clicks, waste a lot of time.

Use cases

Advanced search

You can find Customers Profiles easily in the spreadsheet. You can search by any field and using multiple search criterias at once.

You can find all WooCommerce Customers by country, state, zip code, address, etc.

Manage Customer Profiles

You can view and edit FULL Customer Profiles in the Spreadsheet.

You can view all the shipping and billing information, and all the Profile Fields added by WordPress CORE and other plugins.

Bulk Edit Customers

You can manage the profiles of your customers in the spreadsheet easily.

You can edit Customers quickly. You can edit in the spreadsheet or you can use our Bulk Update Tools to update hundreds of users at once in seconds.

Provide Better Customer Support

You can find User Profiles Quickly in the Spreadsheet, Reset User Passwords, Update Emails, Update Users Information.

When your Customers Call You because they forgot their password or they can´t access their account or they want to change their shipping address, you can do that quickly using our spreadsheet.

  •  Edit WooCommerce Customers profiles in a spreadsheet
  •  View all WordPress Users in the spreadsheet
  •  Edit hundreds of users at once using Formulas
  •  Upload user avatars in bulk quickly (requires an external avatar plugin)
  •  Reset User Passwords, Emails, and other info
  •  Make advanced searches by keyword, email, role, and user meta

Edit WooCommerce Customers using Formulas

The Bulk Update is very flexible, you can do all the changes that you need very easily.

Update WooCommerce Customers in BULK

Update WooCommerce Customers Shipping Information

Update WooCommerce Customers Billing Information

Update any numeric field with a math formula.

Copy information between users.

Search and replace in all users profiles

General Features

  • WooCommerce: The Users Spreadsheet automatically shows All Shipping and Billing Information, so you can start editing Customers quickly.
  • Custom Columns: You can add new columns to the Customers Spreadsheet for editing custom fields
  • User meta: You can edit Custom Fields on the user profiles
  • Columns Visibility: You can hide, display, and sort columns.
  • Formulas: You can update hundreds of users at once using Formulas
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Advanced Custom Fields metaboxes automatically appear in the users spreadsheet.
  • Advanced search: You can find users by name, email, role, and user meta
  • Columns resizing: You can resize columns
  • Columns renaming: You can rename column
  • Template users: You can create a “base user” and all the users that you create in the spreadsheet will copy the values from the base user.

We support Large Sites

The plugin is very efficient with your server resources.

It loads only on wp-admin. It doesn´t affect the speed of your site.

You can open thousands of users in the spreadsheet without issues.

You can control the number of users to save per batch. i.e. 3 users every 20 seconds.

You can control the time to wait between batches when saving changes. i.e. 3 users every 60 seconds.

It saves only the modified cells in the spreadsheet. For example, you can load 500 users, edit 3 prices, and it saves only 3 prices.

FAQ – Questions

Can I edit other content types added by my theme?

Yes. You can edit any custom post type added by your theme or other plugins. For example, you can edit “portfolio items”, “Courses”, etc.

Does it work with WordPress Multisite?

Yes. You can install the plugin in a WordPress multisite installation. You can activate the plugin on individual sites or network wide. But you need one license for every site where the plugin is active.

Can I add more columns to the spreadsheet?

Yes. You can add any columns you want!

How can I install this plugin?

You can find a tutorial for this on our tutorials page .

Can I edit WooCommerce products using this plugin?

Yes , it works with woocommerce products.   You can edit ALL TYPES of products like simple, virtual, downloadable, variable, etc. and you can edit all the product fields:

  • :: Title
  • :: URL Slug
  • :: Content
  • :: Date
  • :: Modified Date
  • :: Short description
  • :: Status
  • :: Enable reviews
  • :: Featured Image
  • :: Product categories
  • :: Product tags
  • :: Edit attributes
  • :: Type
  • :: SKU
  • :: Regular Price
  • :: Sale Price
  • :: Weight
  • :: Width
  • :: Height
  • :: Length
  • :: Manage stock
  • :: Stock status
  • :: Stock
  • :: Visibility
  • :: Gallery
  • :: Downloadable
  • :: Virtual
  • :: Sales price date from
  • :: Sales price date to
  • :: Sold individually
  • :: is featured?
  • :: Allow backorders
  • :: Purchase note
  • :: Shipping class
  • :: Download limit
  • :: Download expiry
  • :: Download type
  • :: Download files
  • :: Variation description
  • :: Variation enabled?
  • :: Default attributes
  • And custom fields

Can I edit easy digital downloads products using this plugin?

Yes, it works with Easy Digital Downloads products. We have a special plugin for EDD products.

What post types can I edit using this plugin?

All the post types !.

I am a developer, can I extend the plugin to add new columns to the editor?

Yes , the plugin has an easy to use API that allows to add or remove columns to the spreadsheet . You can create extensions to make the spreadsheet show your plugin custom fields. Read more about the API here.

I purchased the plugin and I need help

I need a refund

We can give you a refund only under certain conditions:

  • You can´t use the plugin because it´s not compatible with your wordpress site
  • You found an issue in the plugin and you can´t wait while we fix it

You can request a refund here.

I found an issue on the plugin

If you found an issue please contact us , we will fix it as soon as possible..

Can I use the spreadsheet without internet connection?

If the website is hosted on a local server (a development site) , the spreadsheet will work offline. But if the website is hosted on the internet (remote server), the spreadsheet requires internet connection to be able to read/save changes.

Can I translate the plugin?

Yes. You can translate it using poedit or the loco translate WordPress plugin

How can I sort the spreadsheet by columns?

Yes. You can sort the spreadsheet by any column. First you need to load all the posts . You can do it manually by scrolling down (the spreadsheet loads more posts as you scroll down) or you can change the settings to load all the posts at once. After that , you can sort the spreadsheet by clicking on any column header.

How can I search in the Spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet has 2 tools: – Search – Locate cell. If you use the “search” button, you will see a popup where you can search by keyword, taxonomies (category, tag, attributes, etc.), and advanced filters (multiple columns at once). This will show only the matching posts only. If you use the locate cell, it just highlights the cells containing a text. This is helpful if you want to locate a cell quickly. For example, you were editing the post “cars” and later you want to locate it again.

Help. I´m getting error 500

1- Maybe you have too many product attributes. A customer had thousands of attributes and he got the same error, he fixed it by deleting some unused attributes.

2- Maybe you are loading too many posts per page? you can change this in the settings page

3- Maybe it´ s a code conflict with other plugin, you can enable the WP_DEBUG option to see if you get php errors or warnings

4- Try deactivating one plugin at a time until you find the bad plugin.

If you need more help you can contact us we´ ll be happy to help. Please include WP and FTP credentials so we can log in and fix the issue.

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