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Amazing product and support!

The product makes things dramatically quicker and more efficient to make changes to product descriptions for my WooCommerce site. Jose's support is second to none. Quick and efficient. BUY IT.

Steve Cyrkin

Massive time saver

This product has saved me hours of work. Well worth the purchase!

Eamonn Faulkner

Easy to use and really powerful plugin.

Easy to use and really powerful plugin. I was able to make major mass changes easily. Like transforming commas into breasts in dimensions, or looking for certain type of product to make new categories, or deleting all the pags produced without photos, etc.


Very impressed

I tried a few other editors to bulk update my products but nothing works as well as this plugin. When you have over 300 products you need something that's easy to use but functional enough to do everything you need. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a proper bulk editor.

Ryan Mahabir

I LOVE IT!!!!!


Carreba Gray

I saved 34 hours of work!!

I have already saved 34 hours of work, I love that the dashboard gives the time saved information as I'm lucky to get 5 hours a day with the kids so feel like I have done a week's work in a very short period of time lol

Nikki Ross

Great! Saved time and work for me.

This plugin saved my about 3 hrs. of time the first few times I used it. I recommend it to anyone who needs to make changes across the board to their product pages.

Dan Kellogg

Amazing product backed by even better support

The plugin has been a huge time saver for making sweeping product updates and changes; has already saved me countless hours clicking between products alone. Further, the developer has gone above and beyond in terms of support, adding new functionality to the plugin within days of discussion to help make the plugin work better for our use case (was not an actual bug, rather the way we used attributes was different to the norm). I would give the plugin 5 stars anyway, but the support provided was exceptional and deserves recognition.

Dan Green

Every Woocommerce user needs this!

This plugin makes my work so much easier. This is a real time saver and alows one person to do the job of many.

Robert Macniel

Very useful

Very useful, i use it every day !

K Key

Perfect for my site...great support!!

Excellent customer service! The editor has saved me tons of time already...well worth the money!

Melissa Morosky

Great plugin

Real time saver, a must have app.

Francois Genin

Excellent Stuffs

Awesome support and utility. Utility does as promised, and support 1st class.

Ockert Cameron

Best Plugin

Great Plugin, it works great and the support and assistance are truly professional.

Gianluca Imperio

Thanks for making me look good

Thank you! Such a great product and AMAZING service! The woocommerce table editor saved me 70+ hours in the first night while importing 52 weeks X 3 health food menus for a local meal prep service. The website owner said the 'other guy' took a week and only got 50 or so entered. Thanks for making me look good!! 😀

Terrance Bussinger

Great plugin!

Huge time saver for product edits!

kristina -m-krebs

WP Sheet Editor

This plugin saved me hours of work! So glad I found this!

Becki Slocum

Great tool

I could duplicate for WPML translation thousands of products in a few clicks. Very useful plugin!

Dario De Matteis

What a Time Saver!

If you need copy all pricing details from a product with lots of variation prices. This is the bulk editing tool for you. Saved me ours of copying variation prices between products! Highly recommended!


Good editor

This is a good editor with much features

Hans van Wilsuym

One of if not the Best Woo/WP plugin I have worked with

I have used, purchased a lot of plugins before but have never seen the quality of this plugin, even the admin site, support (over a weekend), documentation and ease of use is very impressive. I can really recommend this author and especially the WP Sheet Editor.

Andre Kruger

A tool that you will use again and again

We tried Sheet Editor without much expectation but I find myself using it again and again to edit products which otherwise I'd be forced to edit one at a time. We have more than 2800 products in our store so Sheet Editor has saved me countless hours of work and I haven't really begun to use it beyond its basic capabilities. In addition I am quite impressed by their technical support.

Perry Wilson

Saved me hours and hours of work

I realized after uploading nearly 5.000 products that I had to fill in the manufacturer (which I didn't originaly do because... I am the manufacturer). Given the traditional way, it would take me months to do that. With WP Sheet Editor, it took a few clicks using the bulk editing option. Worth every penny.

John Papadopoulos

Perfect, saved a lot of time

This plug-in saved us a lot of time when importing all products from previous store into woocommerce. And still we continue to use it when we want to change multiple products at the same time, which is quite often. (Edit categories, tags, adding attributes etc.)

Luuc van Vuuren

Great Support

The plugin does exactly what is says it does, and the support is Excellent


Super Plugin

WP sheet Editor is a fantastic plugin for the price. Highly recommended over Wp Export / Import and Jose was super helpful when I got stuck at a point



Excellent. Great product and thanks for babying me through the first few days.

Craig Case

Awesome Plugin

The plugin is awesome, and Jose is such a help!!!! Saved me hours.

Clint Sanchez

Was useful !

Good plugin. Worth the money / saves time. Need to get used to it... after that all goes fine.

20eme Siecle SPRL

Time Saving

It is great plugin, time saving for your post related works. I will suggest everyone to purchase this plugin.


wonderful plugin

This plugin allowed us to export and import data that was almost impossible to do with other, more popular plugins. WP Sheet Editor is seamless and easy to use. And a strong plus, the developer is very available to assist.

Kristopher LaGreca

Most useful plugin I use

I don't usually take the time to write reviews but this plugin has saved me so much time. It's worth every penny. With nearly 19,000 products in my database, it makes it so much simpler and faster to make any necessary bulk changes.

Aaron Turner

Great plugin, helps a lot.

I liked everything about the plugin. Not only it saves time, which is obvious advantage, it helps a lot seeing all products on the same screen. It helps so much visually if you missed correcting one product or have wrong price on the other one... And working with product variations in WooCommerce was painful. Doing the same in the spreadsheet is a piece of cake 🙂

Artem Goryslavets

Awesome, wish I knew about it years ago!!

This was a life saver. I can't imagine the hours it has already saved me, not to mention frustration. The ability to customize the sheet (re arrange the columns and add to it) easily huge for me. I have a LOT of content and it is basically data entry. Having a way to just stay on 1 page with out constantly having to save is just amazing. I love it.

Lori Drzewiecki

An excellent plugin for any WooCommerce site with a lot of products

WP Sheet Editor made life easier for our WooCommerce site with over 5000 products. It easily saves us 10 hours a week.

Gina Miranda


Amazing fast, clean design, easy and do everything what I want.


Great Plug-In

WP Sheet Editor has saved me hours of work creating new products. Super easy to use.

Carie Gossett

Love it!

Been looking for a tool like this for a while. Wish I found it sooner

Philip Matthew

Worth it!

Worth. Every. Penny. This thing literally saves me HOURS of time. It is everything I was hoping it would be!

Jonathan Ramirez

works well

Easy to use, saves a ton of time

David Lafayette

Game changing, next level support.

Product has saved me months of work and the support provided is second to none.

mark wright

Faster, Better and easier than Excel

I am so pleased, I found this pluggin, and well worth paying for the PRO version, I find it to be fast, easy to use. I now use this to do quick bulk changes and major product updates, we have 7000 products, I edited and updated them all within 1/2 hour!!! - I would highly recommend over any other plugin.

Allan Moores

It's pretty good

Be careful importing a large sheet, take backups. Other than that this does what it says and it's usefulness to well worth the money.

David Smyth

Useful and easy to use and install plugin

Thanks to wp-sheeteditor. A very useful plugin. I have spend a lot of time to compare different similar plugins : this one seemed the best. I'm not disappointed. The support is excellent, helpful and comprehensive. Congratulations to Jose Vega and his team.

Koenraad Moreau

I love it

It saved me 100 of hours of work. Thank you.


Very useful!

It was right there when I terribly needed somthing special. Thank you sou much.

Enchic Gong

Super useful

Love the plugin it is super useful for large edits across big sites!

Philip Bowles

Great utility

Helped us a lot on a potentially very labor intensive update - support rocks, too!

Kevin McKenzie

Very usefull

This is the perfect plugin for my website. The developer is very helpfull and answers fast. Best money spend.


Very usefull plugin

I like the fact that i don't need to reimport everything. With lots of plugins you need to export your data, adjust it, then reimport it. Wp Sheets just makes it much easier. Just adjust directly in bulk. Also support is responsive and good. I highly recommend this plugin

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