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Spreadsheet for WooCommerce Orders

View, Search, and Edit Orders with a Spreadsheet.

Why do you need this plugin?

The WooCommerce orders are the most important information on your website. Busy stores receive orders constantly and they need the best tool to manage them.

WooCommerce gives you the “orders” page with limited search (only keyword, month of the year, customer, status) and you have to open every order to see more information.

This is very inefficient.

The Best Way to Manage Orders

We created the WooCommerce Orders Spreadsheet where you can view all the information directly, make very advanced searches easily, and edit orders super fast.

Use cases

Control your orders FASTER with Advanced search

You can search by multiple fields and using multiple conditions.

Search orders by Payment Method, Payment Date and Time, Orders contaning a list of products, Status, Order notes, and more.

You have access to all the order information in the search engine. Find orders by any combination of fields.

Edit thousands of orders at once

We have a formulas engine that lets you update thousands of WooCommerce orders at once. You can do powerful updates.

You can replace values in ANY field = Change status, payment method, shipping/billing information, etc.

Add shipping information, billing information, etc.

Delete thousands of orders at once.

Import information from Excel or Google Sheets

You can import shipping information, billing information, and general information of the order.

You can export the information of the orders and import it into external systems, CRMs, etc.

It’s the best way to manage your orders.

View all the information in a single place

You can view all the orders in a single page.

Edit fields like order date, status, shipping info, billing info, payment method info, and more.

  • This plugin provides one spreadsheet for all the WooCommerce orders
  • One spreadsheet for all the shipping information, billing information, etc.
  • Edit the order status, dates, payment information quickly
  • Make advanced searches by payment information, shipping/billing info, etc.

The most powerful search

You can search by any of the fields below and combine multiple fields with operators. For example: billing country = X AND payment method = X

  • Products
  • Order notes
  • Title
  • Order Details
  • Date
  • Modified Date
  • Status
  • billing address 1
  • billing address 2
  • billing address index
  • billing city
  • billing company
  • billing country
  • billing email
  • billing first name
  • billing last name
  • billing phone
  • billing postcode
  • billing state
  • cart discount
  • payment method
  • payment method title
  • prices include tax
  • recorded coupon usage counts
  • recorded sales
  • shipping address 1
  • shipping address 2
  • shipping address index
  • shipping city
  • shipping company
  • shipping country
  • shipping email
  • shipping first name
  • shipping last name
  • shipping method
  • shipping method title
  • shipping phone
  • shipping postcode
  • shipping state
  • is vat exempt
  • cart discount tax
  • cart hash
  • completed date
  • created via
  • customer ip address
  • customer user
  • customer user agent
  • date completed
  • date paid
  • download permissions granted
  • order currency
  • order key
  • order shipping
  • order shipping tax
  • order stock reduced
  • order tax
  • order total
  • order version
  • paid date

Powerful bulk editor for Orders

You can edit hundreds or thousands of orders at once.

Edit order status in BULK

Delete thousands of orders at once

Copy the billing information into the Billing Fields for all the orders missing shipping information

Change dates of the orders

Reassign orders to other users/customers

Edit all the custom fields at once

General Features

  • View all the orders: The plugin generates one spreadsheet for all the WooCommerce orders on your website.
  • Advanced search: You can find orders by shipping info, billing info, customer, products, order notes, dates, status, and any field
  • Custom Columns: You can add new columns to the Spreadsheet for editing custom fields and organizing the orders in anyway you want
  • Bulk edit meta data: You can edit Custom Fields added by other plugins, they show up in the spreadsheet automatically
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Advanced Custom Fields metaboxes automatically appear in the spreadsheet.
  • Copy information between order: You can copy information (i.e. shipping info from one image) to other orders
  • Move information between orders: you can move the information from one order to another
  • Unlimited order: The Spreadsheet supports hundreds of thousands of orders, etc.
  • Columns Visibility: You can remove, deactivate, display, and sort columns.
  • Formulas: You can update thousands of orders at once using Formulas
  • Columns resizing: You can resize columns
  • Columns renaming: You can rename column

We support Large Sites

The plugin is very efficient with your server resources.

It loads only on wp-admin. It doesn´t affect the speed of your site.

You can load thousands of rows in the spreadsheet without issues.

You can control the number of rows to save per batch. i.e. 3 rows every 20 seconds.

You can control the time to wait between batches when saving changes. i.e. 3 rows every 60 seconds.

It saves only the modified cells in the spreadsheet. For example, you can load 500 rows, edit 3 fields, and it saves only 3 fields.

FAQ – Questions

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