Use the spreadsheet editor in the front-end

Allow your users to fill the spreadsheet by showing the spreadsheet editor inside a post or page content. When the changes are saved, all the changes will appear on your website. You can allow the changes to be saved or require to be approved by an administrator.

Edit WordPress Users in Spreadsheet

See a spreadsheet with all your users information, like name, email, role, etc.. You can add custom columns, so you can edit WooCommerce profiles, buddypress fields, etc.


In development

Add custom columns to the spreadsheet

Does a plugin have a metabox with fields that you need to edit frequently? Add those fields yourself to the spreadsheet.


Included in “Pro version”


Yoast SEO

Edit your posts SEO title, SEO description, keyword, and view SEO score in our spreadsheet editor.

Included in “Pro version”

Advanced formulas

Use the values of other columns inside your formulas and Concatenate cell values.


Included in “Pro version”

Easy Digital Downloads

Edit easy digital downloads products using our spreadsheet editor.


In development

WooCommerce - Variable Products

Edit your variable products using our spreadsheet editor.


Included in “Pro version”

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