Import from / Export to Excel and Google Sheets

Edit WordPress Posts and User Profiles in Excel or Google Sheets. You can import / export to Excel or Google Sheets.

Status: In development

Edit WordPress Users With a Spreadsheet

Display all users in a spreadsheet. Edit user profiles like name, email, role, etc.. You can add custom columns for custom fields, so you can edit WooCommerce profiles, buddypress fields, etc.

Status: In development

Display Custom Spreadsheets in the Frontend

Create new spreadsheets with custom columns and settings. Display the spreadsheets on the frontend using a shortcode. Useful for letting Users Submit Posts , Allow employees to Edit WooCommerce Products in the Frontend, or Creating Web Apps.

Edit Your WooCommerce Products With a Spreadsheet

Edit WooCommerce products with all their information in the spreadsheet, including Attributes, Variations, etc.