Posts, Pages, Events, and Custom Post Types Spreadsheet

Bulk Edit All Post Types like Posts, Pages, Events, Portfolio, Restaurant Menus, etc. in the Spreadsheet. View all fields in the spreadsheet, custom fields, and more.

WooCommerce Customers Spreadsheet

View WooCommerce Customers in a spreadsheet. Edit FULL Customer profiles, Add new Columns to the Customers Spreadsheet, Advanced Search by any field , Find Customers by Shipping and Billing information, and more.

Import from / Export to Excel and Google Sheets

Edit WordPress Posts and User Profiles in Excel or Google Sheets. You can import / export to Excel or Google Sheets.

Status: In development

WordPress Users Spreadsheet

Display all users in a spreadsheet. Edit user profiles like name, email, role, etc.. You can add custom columns for custom fields, so you can edit WooCommerce profiles, buddypress fields, etc.

Display Custom Spreadsheets in the Frontend

Create new spreadsheets with custom columns and settings. Display the spreadsheets on the frontend using a shortcode. Useful for letting Users Submit Posts , Allow employees to Edit WooCommerce Products in the Frontend, or Creating Web Apps.

WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet

Edit WooCommerce products with all their information in the spreadsheet, including Attributes, Variations, etc.