Does WP Sheet Editor support Gutenberg / WP 5?

Yes. WP Sheet Editor supports WordPress +5.0 and the new Gutenberg editor as of v2.8.0 (CORE). If you’re using the latest version you have nothing to worry.

Previous versions of the plugin don’t support Gutenberg, you can edit the post content in the spreadsheet only if you use the Classic Editor plugin.

The following applies to WP Sheet Editor v2.7.0 and older.

There are multiple things to consider about Gutenberg, the new editor available on WordPress +5.

1- Classic Editor

If you’re using the classic editor plugin, which disables Gutenberg, you can use our spreadsheet to edit the content without issues. Everything works fine.

2- If you use gutenberg

2.1- The database structure hasn’t changed

The content is saved as html text in the same database field (post_content).

This means that:

  • The Bulk Update tool works with all gutenberg posts, you can bulk edit “text content” (not block settings). You can replace words or fragments, set new content, append/prepend content, etc.¬†among thousands of posts at once
  • The search tool works as well. You can search by keyword.

2.2- The content column on the sheet is risky

Gutenberg saves the normal html + html comments indicating the block and block settings.

This means that:

  • If you’re a developer. The “content” column on the spreadsheet lets you edit the content, BUT if you edit using the “text” tab on the tinymce editor you might delete the html comments accidentally and ruin/delete the gutenberg block settings. You can edit using the html tab being careful not to delete the html comments added by Gutenberg
  • If you’re not a developer and you’re not comfortable editing html, it’s better if you don’t edit the content on the spreadsheet column. You better use the gutenberg editor.

In short.

Gutenberg is basically a page builder, it has a blocks builder, blocks settings, etc. So we can’t edit blocks on the spreadsheet because it doesn’t fit into the spreadsheet structure.

So you can use our spreadsheet and all the tools as general tools, but using it to edit the content might be risky if you’re not a developer.

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