I have multiple columns with same title and I don’t know which one to edit

We detect all the fields in the database and generate the column names from the key. If you have 2 fields from 2 plugins: _price and __price. We might show both fields as “Price” and “Price 2”.

In that case, the solution is:

1- Edit the row in the normal editor outside the spreadsheet. For example, edit the product in the normal editor and set a value in the price field that you want to edit.

2- In the spreadsheet, you will see which column has the right price that you just edited, and you can use that column and hide the other column

3- Optionally, if you want to use both columns, you can right-click on the column and rename it to any name you want.

Note. The export and import tools use the column name as identifier. So if you have duplicate names, it might use the wrong column during the export/import. So you should make sure they have unique names.

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