When you complete a purchase through our website you get a non-exclusive limited license to use the “WP Sheet Editor” plugin and other products sold through our website based on your license plan. All references to our website refer to wpsheeteditor.com, any subdomains from wpsheeteditor.com, or any official resellers authorized by our company, VegaCorp S.A. de C.V..

All references to “our product”, “WP Sheet Editor”, “Sheet Editor”, or “our item” throughout this document refer to any software, product, or service sold through this website.

We provide different license plans based on your needs.

We sell more than 13 different spreadsheet editors in the form of WordPress plugins, each spreadsheet editor plugin can be purchased separately with the option to buy a license for a different number of sites. We provide the option to buy an annual subscription, monthly subscriptions, or lifetime license depending on the plugin, bundle, or ongoing promotions.

We also sell bundles or the All Access plan, which allow you to buy multiple plugins at lower prices, and you can also buy bundle licenses for one site or multiple sites, and some bundle plans provide monthly, annual, or lifetime licenses.

Definition: An End Product is one of the following things, both requiring an application of skill and effort.

An End Product is a work that incorporates our product (WP Sheet Editor) as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the Item.

For example: our product is a spreadsheet editor and the end product is a website where our product was installed.

Definition: One site is one standard WordPress installation or one sub-site in a WordPress multisite installation (including WPMU with subdomains or subdirectories). For example:

  • If you want to install our software on site.com, it is counted as one site
  • If you want to install our software on site.com and blog.site.com, it is counted as 2 sites, regardless if they are 2 standalone WordPress sites or 2 subsites in a multisite network.

Conditions of the license

You are licensed to use the product that you purchased (WP Sheet Editor) to create one or more End Products, based on the number of sites allowed by your license, for yourself or for clients.

For example: our product is a spreadsheet editor and it’s included by an end product, which is a website.

1- An End Product can be accessed without paying a fee (it’s not for commercial product) and it’s not a distributable package that includes our product (WP Sheet Editor).

2- You can create for clients the number of End Products allowed by your license, and you can transfer that single End Product to your client for any fee. Your client gets permission to allow him to use the End product you created for him, but you are the owner of the license and you will be the only person with access to our support and updates.

3- You can modify or manipulate our product. You can combine the product with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting works are subject to the terms of the license of our product that you bought.

Example 1: you can buy the WP Sheet Editor plugin, modify the color scheme, and use it on your website or client’s website. But the final plugin will still be subject to these terms and license conditions.

Example 2: It can’t be distributed or used as part of commercial products, like software packages that you sell to anyone.

4- You can’t Sell a single End Product to more than one client, and your client can’t sell the end product to anyone unless he’s selling his/her entire business, in which case the new buyer will inherit the license and must follow these conditions (If you or your client want to Sell the End Product multiple times (commercial product), you need to contact us to get a license that allows reselling.)

Example 1: You create a website for a client for a fee and your site license will cover this client website, and your client can use our spreadsheet editor for managing their products catalog. But if you want to sell 100 copies of the website to 100 clients, your one-site license will not cover the other 99 clients. You will need a license for each of those clients if you want to include our software in those websites.

5- You can’t re-distribute the product as stock, in a tool , platform, application, or template, or with source files. You can’t do this with the product either on its own or bundled with other items, and even if you modify the Item. You can’t re-distribute or make available the Item as-is or with superficial modifications. These things are not allowed even if the re-distribution is for Free.

For example, you can’t purchase the WP Sheet Editor, modify the design, install it on a website, and resell the website as a data management platform.

6- You can’t use the product in any application allowing an end user to customise a digital or physical end product to their specific needs, such as an “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” application.

Examples of “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” applications: website builders, website generators, “create your own” site or platforms. You will need one license for each product created by a customer and each end product created will need to comply with these terms. For example, if you create a multisite platform like Shopify where people sign up, get their own store, and preinstall our spreadsheet editor so the new stores manage their products using our software; you would need a a license that covers every store created in your platform.

7- Although you can modify the product and therefore delete unwanted components before creating your single End Product, you can’t extract and use a single component on a stand-alone basis and not adhere to these terms.

For example: WP Sheet Editor allows you to edit WordPress posts using a beautiful spreadsheet. You can modify the code to edit other kind of information, but you still need to respect this license terms.

8- You must not permit an end user (client) of the End Product to extract the product and use it separately from the End Product.

For example, take the WP Sheet Editor plugin from a legitimate website and install it on other sites without a valid license.

9- You can’t resell our software

You can’t resell our software publicly nor privately, or publish any content that might lead people to believe that you developed the software, or offer the software in exchange for anything in any medium (website, social media, etc.). Selling our software as a product is strictly forbidden.

Selling our software as part of professional services is allowed, only when you provide a service to your client personally, and you activate a valid license on your client’s website.


  • Selling our software on your website is not allowed
  • Selling our software privately on social media is not allowed
  • Selling license codes or license activations to strangers is not allowed
  • Asking your client to buy a license of our software and helping your client to import, export, or manage data using our spreadsheet editor is allowed
  • Buying an unlimited sites license for your agency or business, and activating your valid license on the websites you create for clients is allowed
  • Buying an unlimited sites license and selling license activations to people who are not your clients for your other services is not allowed

10- The product’s (WP Sheet Editor) code is split licensed.

The PHP component and HTML rendered and/or generated by the PHP (not the HTML generated from the JavaScript) are covered by the GPL license.

The rest of the components included by the product (such as the JavaScript, CSS, images, graphics, design, photos, etc) that were developed by VegaCorp S.A. de C.V. are covered by the license provided by VegaCorp S.A. de C.V., which is especified in this document.

The rest of components that are not coded in PHP and HTML, and were not developed by VegaCorp S.A. de C.V. come from third parties. Most of them (or all) are open source packages that can be downloaded freely around the web, others might be commercial packages for which VegaCorp S.A. de C.V. has purchased a license to be able to include them in a commercial package (WP Sheet Editor). Each of those packages has its own license.

Those packages are especified on this page including their respective licenses and sources.

11- VegaCorp S.A. de C.V. can terminate your license(s) if you breach any of these terms. If that happens, you must stop making copies of or distributing the End Product until you remove the Item from it, and you will no longer have access to our support services and updates.

If you breach any of these terms and we terminate your license, you are not eligible for a refund.

12- VegaCorp S.A. de C.V. retains full ownership of the product but grants you the license to use on these terms. This license is between VegaCorp S.A. de C.V. and you.