WooCommerce – Search Customers whose Name Begins with a Letter

Imagine you had a raffle in which all your WooCommerce customers whose names begin with a specific alphabet letter will win the right to a 15% discount. You have the results and all customers whose names begin with the letter “A” have won. You need to quickly find them and export them to a CSV file to get their emails and phone numbers to contact them.

That can be a difficult task if you do it with the normal WooCommerce user editor. But we want to show you how to quickly filter your customers and export them to a CSV file. Of course, it’s possible that you don’t even need to export them because you’ll see them displayed in a spreadsheet.

You just need to follow these really simple steps.

1- Install and activate the “WordPress Users Spreadsheet” plugin

With this plugin, you can manage thousands of users from WordPress and WooCommerce. You’ll see all of them displayed on a spreadsheet where you can quickly edit them. It contains two powerful tools: the Bulk Edit and the Search tool.

These two tools help you save time by allowing you to filter and edit thousands of customer profiles in minutes. It also allows you to import or export CSV files to apply massive editions in Excel or Google Sheets.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Media Library Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

Once you install the plugin, go to Sheet Editor > Edit Users to open it.

2- Open the plugin’s “Search” tool

Instead of spending hours and hours trying to find your customers, the Search tool helps you save a lot of time because it allows you to apply some simple search terms and do advanced searches. To open it, just click on Search on the plugin’s toolbar.

3- Filter your customers by their name’s initial letters

Once you open the Search tool, you need to do the following to filter your customer’s names by initial letter.

  • Select Customer in the Role dropdown.
  • Tick the Enable advanced filters checkbox.
  • Field key: Title
  • Operator: STARTS WITH
  • Value: Enter the letter you wish in this field.
  • Click on Run search to filter your customers by initial letter.

That was it!

You not only can find customers but you can apply any change you want to thousands of customers using the Bulk Edit tool. It’s that simple and fast.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Media Library Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

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