WooCommerce – How to Find Products Modified a Year Ago

Let’s see how to find WooCommerce products by modification date.

You’re checking and optimizing your WooCommerce store because your site has a new look and you’ve uploaded thousands of new products.

Your clients are happy with your new site because of how it looks and the ease with which they can move across your store and shop with you.

However, there’s something that you need to beware of.

You have thousands of products that were edited last year and it’s possible they don’t have the same look or their descriptions are too outdated.

So you need to find those products and update them so your customers don’t have any excuses to complain about outdated products in your great new site.

Here we show you how you can quickly find all products modified a year ago.

Install WP Sheet Editor

This plugin makes it easy to manage your WooCommerce store applying changes to hundreds of your products in a few clicks!

1- Open the Search tool

With this tool you can filter all your products in different ways.

In this case, it will help you find your products modified a year ago.

Just click kit on the toolbar.


2- Use the Advanced filters

Once you’re in the search tool, you need to tick the Enable advanced filters checkbox.

This will open the necessary fields for you to filter your products by modification date.


  • Field key: Modified Date (post_modified)
  • Operator: =
  • Value: 2018-04-01 (for example)

After that, hit the Run search button and your products will be displayed in the spreadsheet.


Did you see how easy it is to find your products modified a year ago using the WP Sheet Editor Products Spreadsheet plugin?

You should get it now and start saving time!

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