How to Setup the Spreadsheet Quickly

This short tutorial shows you how to set up the WP Sheet Editor spreadsheet quickly.

1- Open the “Quick Setup” wizard

The quick setup page will open automatically after activating the plugin for the first time.

You can also open the quick setup page in the future by going to “WP Sheet Editor > Post type setup” (in the left menu in wp-admin).

2- Select the post type

When you are in the quick setup page, you will see a list of post types available.

For example, you will see “Posts, Pages” and other custom post types added by other plugins and your theme.

Select what you want to edit, for example, select “product”, then click “Save”.


3- Select the spreadsheet columns

In this step, you will select the spreadsheet columns.

3.1- Available columns

Default Spreadsheet columns. These columns are available for all post types (Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types):

  • post title
  • post content
  • post status
  • post excerpt
  • featured image
  • publish date
  • comment status
  • page parent
  • post categories
  • post tags.

Additionally, we provide FULL WooCommerce Integration. So you will see columns for all WooCommerce Product Fields:

  • sale price
  • regular price
  • gallery
  • short description
  • stock status
  • stock quantity
  • featured image
  • visibility
  • is virtual
  • is downloadable
  • attributes
  • categories
  • tags
  • sale price dates
  • purchase notes
  • enable reviews
  • Shipping class
  • Custom fields
  • And more.

3.2- Add new columns

You can also add new columns to the spreadsheet, you just need to enter the column name and column key at the top of the page.

This is helpful if you want to edit custom fields or fields added by other plugins.

3.3- Disable and sort columns

You can disable all the columns that you don’t need, to make the spreadsheet faster and easier to navigate.



Click “Save” afterwards.

Do you need help?

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