WooCommerce – Delete Customers Accounts without Orders Quickly

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WooCommerce stores allow users to sign up during checkout, but if they abandon the cart the account remains in the system.

So you might end up with thousands of abandoned customer accounts. This can make your store very slow.

You can use the WP Sheet Editor plugin, which is a plugin that helps you easily and quickly find and delete your non-paying customers.

Install WP Sheet Editor

You can skip this step if you have the plugin installed and activated.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

Once you have the plugin installed, you can open it and you’ll see a spreadsheet containing all your WooCommerce customers and their complete profiles.

1. Find non-paying customers

The first step is to find your customers with no purchases. For this, you need to open the “Bulk Edit” tool on the toolbar.

Once you’ve opened the bulk edit tool, you need to hit the “Select rows” button, which will open a search tool.

In this search tool, you need to take these steps:

  • Select “Customers” in the “Role” field.
  • Hit the “Enable advanced filters” checkbox.
  • Write “Orders Count” in “Field key”.
  • Choose the equal sign in Operator (=).
  • Write “0” in the “Value” field.
  • Hit the “Run search” button.

2. Delete non-paying customers

Now that your customers have been filtered, you need to set these values in the “Bulk Edit” tool to delete the non-paying customers.

  • Check the “I understand it will update the posts from my search” checkbox.
  • Choose “Status” in the field you want to edit.
  • Choose “Set value” in the type of edit you’ll apply.
  • Enter “delete” in the value field
  • Important: As you may have hundreds of non paying customers, you better check the “Use slower execution method” checkbox to make sure the change is applied correctly.
  • Hit the “Execute now” button.


This and more changes are easily done using the WP Sheet Editor plugin.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

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