WooCommerce – Find downloadable products without Files Urls

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Sometimes when you create a new WooCommerce store you don´t have all the information since the beginning, maybe your client only gave you the product titles and images, but didn´t give you the product files.

So you create a lot of Downloadable Products, setup all the product information, but leave empty the downloadable files options.

Then the client sends you a few files and you start adding them to the products.

But you need to know how many products are missing files, so you can ask the files to your client.

Does this sound familiar to you? 🙂

In this tutorial we´ll show you how to find all Downloadable Products missing Downloadable Files, so you can edit the products and publish them.

1- Install WP Sheet Editor

WP Sheet Editor is a plugin that provides a product spreadsheet. You can see all the products in a single place, you can edit the products quickly in the spreadsheet, and you can make advanced searches.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

2- Use the Products Spreadsheet

When you activate the WP Sheet Editor plugin you´ll see a quick setup page, which helps you setup the spreadsheet with a couple of clicks. Follow this tutorial if you need help when setting up the plugin.

After you setup the plugin you´ll be sent to the spreadsheet page.

Here you can view all the products in a single place, it looks like this:

3- Using the Products Finder

Above the spreadsheet you´ll see a bunch of tools, among them you´ll see the “Search” tool. Open it.

In the search form we can make advanced searches, we can find products by keyword, category, tags, attributes, and more.

In this case we´ll use the “Advanced filters” option. This way we are able to build our own search queries.

In the Advanced Filters section, we can use multiple search criterias. You can click the “Add more” button to add more criterias.

We need to search using these criterias:

  • Field: downloadable = yes (to find downloadable products only)
  • Field: downloadable files = (empty, to find downloadable products where the files field is empty)

The form should look like this:


4- Editing downloadable files quickly

When you submit the search form, the spreadsheet will show all the downloadable products missing files. After that, you can use the spreadsheet to edit the files quickly.

In the spreadsheet you can see the “Downloadable files” column where you can edit the files quickly.

If you don´t see the “downloadable files” column it might be hidden. You can enable it using the “Hide/Display/Sort Columns” tool in the toolbar.

The spreadsheet column should look like this:


Now you can click on the “Edit files” button for each product, and you can edit the files easily. You just need to paste the file URLs in the popup and the files are saved automatically. The file name is optional, it is generated from the file url.

On top of that, if the products have a lot of files, and only few words change in the file urls, you can copy the files from another product. For example, you can copy the files from product A and just change the file names.


5- Get started

Create and edit Downloadable Products quicker using WP Sheet Editor.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

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