WooCommerce Orders – Export by Date Range to a CSV

In this article, we want to show you how to export all your orders created on a specific date range. For example, your client may ask you to send him a CSV with the WooCommerce orders to do some numbers and project a marketing campaign for next month. Therefore, he wants to see the orders created last September.

You can try doing it with the normal WooCommerce orders manager. However, you need to know that it’s going to take you some time because you need to create the table by yourself and copy the orders information one by one. And that’s boring!

Fortunately, we have great news! We’ll show you how to quickly find and export all the WooCommerce orders created during a specific date range using an intuitive spreadsheet.

We’ll use the WooCommerce Orders Spreadsheet plugin. It displays all your orders and their complete information on a spreadsheet. It contains a Search tool to help you filter your orders; also, it contains a Bulk Edit tool that allows you to edit thousands of orders in just some minutes.

You can download the plugin here:

Download WooCommerce Orders Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

After installing and activating it, go to Sheet Editor > Edit orders to open the orders spreadsheet.

Now, just follow these simple steps.

1- Open the “Search” tool to filter your orders by status

With this tool, you can quickly filter all your orders using several search parameters that allow you to save a lot of time. You can open it by clicking on Search on the plugin’s toolbar.

You’ll find the following search fields.

  • Contains keyword – Search for all the orders containing a specific keyword in the title.
  • Status – Search for all orders with these statuses: Pending Payment, Processing, On hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Failed, Trash.
  • Find orders containing these products – Search for orders containing specific products.
  • Order notes – Search for all orders containing a specific keyword in the order notes.
  • Enable advanced filters – Use filters to search orders by billing and shipping info, order total, date range, etc.

2- Filter all your orders by date range

In the Search tool, you need to tick the Enable advanced filters checkbox and select these values.

  • Date range from: Enter the range initial date
  • Date range to: Enter the range final date
  • Click on Run search to filter all your orders by date range.

After that, you’ll see all your orders created during the specified date range displayed on the spreadsheet. You can see the search filters applied below the toolbar.

3- Export the filtered orders

Now you need to export the orders you’ve filtered. For that, just click on Export on the top toolbar.

Now you need to select these values to export the customer emails to a CSV file to work on it with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

  • What columns do you want to export: Select all the orders you want to export. You can click on Select all active columns, Select all, or select them by yourself.
  • Tick the I understand it will export the posts from my current search
  • OPTIONAL: Tick the I will edit this file with Microsoft Excel
  • Click on Start new export.

That was really simple!

Now you can send the report to your client without any problem. If you noticed, you don’t need to spend many hours, open a lot of tabs, click on many buttons, etc. You can save a lot of time finding and exporting all your orders.

You can download the plugin here:

Download WooCommerce Orders Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

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