WordPress – Search Files by Format or Extension in the Media Library

In this quick tutorial, we want to show you how to filter your files by format or extension in the Media Library Spreadsheet plugin. This plugin makes it really simple for you to filter and edit thousands of files in seconds. For example, you can update all your image descriptions no matter if you have 10,000 images in your media library. You can also edit all your videos SEO titles and descriptions in minutes.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Media Library Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

Now, to be able to edit all your files by format or extension, you need to know how to filter them all. And that’s what we’ll show you now. Just follow these simple steps.

1- Open the “Search” tool to filter all your files by format

The plugin’s Search tool makes it easy for you to find all your files. You can search all your files by date, extension, SEO alt text, SEO title, URL slug, etc. It definitely simplifies the way you find your files.

Just open it by clicking on Search on the plugin’s toolbar.

2- Filter your files by extension or format

Once you open the Search tool, you just need to tick the Enable advanced filters checkbox and select the following values.

  • Field: Format
  • Operator: CONTAINS
  • Value: Here you need to enter the extension you want to search. For example, you can search your files with these extensions jpeg, png, gif, mp4, zip, etc.

Once you’re done selecting the search terms, click on Run search to filter all your files.


Once you click on Run search your files will be filtered and displayed on the spreadsheet. Now you can apply changes on all of them quickly.

It’s not just about sorting your files by extension. Once you’ve sorted them by extension you can export them to a CSV file to edit it in Excel or Google Sheets. You can also apply massive changes to all your filtered files.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Media Library Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

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