How to Delete all Empty Posts and Pages

You’ve created hundreds of posts and pages. Suddenly, you realize several of them don’t have any content. That’s not good because your site’s visitors will not like to find empty posts in your site. It’s possible they won’t come back if they realize you’ve neglected your website.

Therefore, you need to delete them all, but with WooCommerce you’ll have to open and edit them one by one. That –of course– will take you many hours if you have to check hundreds of products.

That’s why in this entry we’ll show you how easy it is to delete your empty posts and pages using the WP Sheet Editor Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types Spreadsheet Plugin.

Install WP Sheet Editor

With this plugin, you can quickly apply changes on hundreds of posts or pages using its powerful Bulk Edit tool.

After installing and activating it, you can see your posts or pages in a beautiful spreadsheet.

Depending on what you want to edit, you need to select which spreadsheet you’ll use.

  • To edit posts, go to WP Sheet Editor > Edit posts.
  • To edit pages, go to WP Sheet Editor > Edit pages.

1- Search all empty posts and pages

To edit your empty posts and pages, you need to first open the Bulk Edit tool. This will help you delete hundreds of products at once. So you’ll use this tool to filter and edit your posts.

Once you’ve opened it, select the I want to search rows to update in the Select the rows that you want to update field. This will open the fields for you to filter the posts and pages.

After that, tick the Enable advanced filters checkbox and use these values to filter all your posts and pages with empty content.

  • Field key: Content (post_content)
  • Operator: =
  • Value: leave this field empty

After setting those values, hit the Run search button and the posts or pages with empty content will be shown in the spreadsheet.

2- Delete them all using the Bulk Edit tool

Now that you’ve found the empty posts and pages, use these values in the Bulk Edit fields.

  • What field do you want to edit: Status
  • Select type of edit: Set value
  • Replace existing value with this value: select Delete completely

IMPORTANT: In the dropdown you can also select Trash or Draft. But if you select Delete completely, your products will be deleted instantaneously.

Finally, hit the Execute now button.


Now your empty posts and pages will be deleted from your site. It’s as simple as that. You’ll save lots of hours.

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