WooCommerce – Copy Variations from One Product to 4 Products with a few Clicks

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In this tutorial we will show you how to copy Product Variations and Attributes from One Product to Other Products.

This is useful if you are creating a new WooCommerce store and Your Variable Products contain similar attributes, prices, and other information.

So it´s easier to Setup One Product and Copy the Variation to the Other Products , and after that you just change one or two fields that require unique values.

For example, if you sell t-shirts and all t-shirts have sizes: “Small, Medium, Large” and color “Red, Blue, White”.

You can setup one t-shirt , and just copy all the information to the other t-shirts.

Yes. it´s that easy.

Let´s begin 🙂

For this tutorial we will use the “WP Sheet Editor” plugin.

WP Sheet Editor plugin provides a Spreadsheet that you can use to edit WooCommerce products and all the product information.

It also provides Amazing Tools for Editing Products Quickly. These tools include:

  • Copy Variations between Products
  • Copy downloadable files between products
  • Create hundreds of products quickly in the spreadsheet
  • Autofill product information in the spreadsheet
  • Update hundreds of posts in seconds by executing Formulas in the Spreadsheet
  • And more

1- Install the “WP Sheet Editor” plugin

You can skip this step if you already have the plugin installed and activated.

You can download the plugin here:

– or – Read more about it

2- Setup the WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet

WP Sheet Editor provides a Products Spreadsheet where you can see all the product information and you can edit freely.

The setup is easy and it only takes 2 minutes.

Please follow this tutorial for the quick setup.

3- Copy the product variations to Multiple Products

When you open the spreadsheet you will see a toolbar containing several tools:

  • Save = For saving all the changes
  • Add new = For creating new products in bulk
  • Apply changes in bulk = For editing hundreds of posts at once using Formulas
  • Create variations = For creating products variations and copying variations from one product to multiple products
  • Display variations = For displaying every variation as a row in the spreadsheet

3.1- Optional. You can select “Display Variations”

This option will display every variation as a row. This is helpful for viewing the existing variations in the spreadsheet.

After you copy the variations you will see them in the spreadsheet and you can continue editing in the spreadsheet.

3.2- Select “Create variations”

You will see a popup where you can select the target product and the source product.

In this case , the target product is where the new variations will be created, and the source product is where the variations will be copied from.

3.3- Optional. Edit the new variations

After the variations were copied, you will see the variations in the spreadsheet. You will see one row for the main product + one row for each variation. So you can start editing the new variations.

You can edit all the variation information on the spreadsheet right away.

4- Done

As you can see , you can Copy Product Variations from One Product to Unlimited Products very quickly.

The only limitation is your server , if you have a powerful server you can copy to hundreds of products at once , otherwise you can do it in smaller batches.

Bonus: Video Tutorial

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