WooCommerce – How to Delete all Empty Categories, Attributes, or Tags

Sometimes we create many categories, attributes, and tags that we simply never use. Therefore, we can count them as useless.

When that happens, some things may occur:

  • Your server may become slow because of the many useless categories, attributes, or tags.
  • You may get confused about which categories, attributes or tags you use and which you don’t.
  • You may lose some time each time you assign something to a specific category, attribute or tag because you have to be looking for them each time.
  • Etc.

Therefore, we think it’s better for you to delete them all.

And we want to show you how easy it is to do that with the Categories, Tags, Product Attributes, Taxonomies Spreadsheet plugin.

It is designed to make your life much easier because you can apply changes to thousands of categories, attributes or tags using the plugin’s Bulk Edit tool. Also, you can edit them all individually in the plugin’s spreadsheet.

You can delete all the empty categories, attributes or tags just by following these steps:

1- Open the spreadsheet you want to edit

  • If you’ll edit Categories, please go to Sheet Editor > Edit Product categories
  • If you’ll edit Attributes, please go to Sheet Editor > Edit Product color/size/quality/range. Here you decide.
  • If you’ll edit Tags, please go to Sheet Editor > Edit Product tags

2- Load all the files in the spreadsheet

For this, you need to scroll down using the mouse scroll, or you can hit the Load More Posts button at the end of the spreadsheet.

3- Click on the Count column

Once you have loaded all the rows in the spreadsheet, click on the top of the Count column. This will order the numbers in that column, and you’ll see which of your categories, attributes or tags have not been assign to any product.

4- Delete the empty categories, attributes or tags

To delete the empty categories, attributes or tags, you just need to select the delete option in the Status column of the empty categories or tags.

Just as in any other spreadsheet, you can click the fill handle and drag it down until you cover the desired range of cells in the column, and then release the mouse button.

Finally, click on Save to apply the changes.


With the Categories, Tags, Product Attributes, Taxonomies Spreadsheet plugin, it’s really simple to delete all your empty categories, attributes or tags.

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