WooCommerce – Find Images Uploaded to Products in the Media library

If you’re a WordPress user, you may have noticed that it’s really simple to filter your files in some simple ways such as by date or format. However, when it comes to advanced searches, it’s just impossible to filter your images. For example, you can’t find them by their associated post.

If you want to do it, you would normally have to deal with somewhat confusing PHP snippets. However, we want to show you a simple way to filter your images by the products they’re associated with.

This is really useful when, for example, you want to change all your product images and want to find out which of your images are associated to your WooCommerce products. Therefore, just follow these simple steps in order to be able to find your images uploaded to specific WooCommerce products.

1- Install the Media Library Spreadsheet

This plugin allows you to manage thousands of media files form your WordPress Media Library on a spreadsheet. The reason for this is that spreadsheets simplify our lives because they allow us to manage tons of information easily. Therefore, we wanted to bring that and many other advantages to the management of media files in WordPress.

This plugin contains a great Bulk Edit tool that allows you to apply changes massively to thousands of files. Also, you can do advanced searches with the plugin’s Search tool.

Another great thing about this plugin is that you can quickly export your media files information to a CSV file in order to edit it with Excel or Google Sheets. Once you apply changes, you can import all the changes in seconds.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Media Library Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

Once installed and activated, you need to Sheet Editor > Edit Media to open the spreadsheet.

2- Filter all your images to export them

In order to export your images, you need to filter them because the spreadsheet will show you all types of files. Therefore, just click on Search on the plugin’s toolbar.

Now you need to tick the Enable advanced filters checkbox and select these values to filter all the images.

  • Field key: Format
  • Operator: CONTAINS
  • Value: image

After that, click on Run search to filter all our images.

3- Export your images to a CSV file

Once you’ve filtered all your images, you need to export them to a CSV file to see them on Excel or Google Sheets. For that, you need to click on Export on the plugin’s top toolbar.

Now select these values to export your images:

  • Click on Select all to select all the columns.
  • Tick the I understand it will export the rows from my current search
  • Tick the I will edit this file with Microsoft Excel
  • Click on Start new export.

After that, all your images will be exported to a CSV file.

4- Sort your images by their associated product in Excel or Google Sheets

Now you need to open the CSV file with Excel or Google Sheets. Once there, go to the Attached to this post column and sort them A-Z. That way, you’ll see which of your images are uploaded to specific WooCommerce products.


Instead of having to spend many hours trying to find your images by the product they’re associated with, you can do it in minutes on a CSV file. It’s really simple and fast.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Media Library Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

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