WooCommerce – Increase or Decrease Download Limit to Product Files

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Sometimes you create a WooCommerce store with a lot of Downloadable Products, and you set the download limit to 100 because you trust your users and you want them to download the files with more ease.

However you realize that they are sharing the links or they´re doing something sketchy.

¿What do you do?

You need to decrease the download limit, but it´s painful because WooCommerce forces you to edit products one by one.

If you have variable products it´s even worse because you need to edit the product and every one of its internal variations.

In this tutorial we´ll show you how to Increase or Decrease Download Limit to All Product files in just a couple of minutes.

Forget about editing products one by one, we´ll show you how to update all products at once.

1- Install WP Sheet Editor

This tutorial requires the WP Sheet Editor plugin, which provides a spreadsheet where you can view all the products at once, and you can edit them easily. It also lets you update hundreds of products at once with just a couple of clicks.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

2- Setup the spreadsheet

When you start using the plugin you´ll see a quick setup page, this allows you to customize the spreadsheet. You can hide the columns that you don´t need, and add new columns.

Follow this tutorial if you need help in this step.

3- Meet the spreadsheet

After the quick setup you´ll redirected to the spreadsheet page, you can see the products in a single place and you can edit quickly using the keyboard.

It has a toolbar with some very handy tools, including Product Search, Create products in bulk, Create variations in bulk, and more.


4- Increase or Decrease Download Limits

Open the “Apply changes in bulk” tool in the toolbar.

This tool is very easy to use. You just need to select the field to update, in this case “Download limit”; select what to do with the field, in this case “Increase by number” or “Increase by percentage”; select how much you want to increase it (or decrease it); and finally you select what products to update, you can update all products, products under a category only, tag, product attribute, or matching a keyword.

Important. If you want to increase or decrease download limit on product variations, not main products, select the “Execute formula only on product variations” option.



5- Start updating download limits

Updating the download limits is very easy to do using WP Sheet Editor. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes, and you can update hundreds or thousands of products at once.

It works with all types of products, including simple products, variable products, etc. It works with product variations.

It works with all types of servers, you can update thousands of products on cheap servers without issues.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

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