WordPress – Import Image Captions from Excel or Google Sheets

Image captions are really important for several purposes. For example, you can give credit to photographers or explain what the photo shows and what its occasion was.

However, sometimes we upload thousands of images, and we don’t set the captions at the moment of uploading them. If we try to do it now, we’d have to spend several hours trying to do it manually in WordPress.

That’s why we want to show you how to quickly import image captions from Excel or Google Sheets. You’ll do it using CSV files edited with any of these programs.

We’ll do it using the Media Library Spreadsheet plugin, which displays all your media files on a spreadsheet where you can bulk edit them. This spreadsheet bulk editor contains an advanced search that allows you to filter thousands of files in seconds.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Media Library Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

Once installed, follow these simple steps to import image captions from Excel or Google Sheets.

1- Prepare the captions in Excel or Google Sheets

You need to have a CSV file containing at least the following three columns: ID, Title, Caption.

Once you prepare it, you’re ready to import the captions to WordPress.

2- Open the Media Library Spreadsheet

You need to go to WP Sheet Editor > Edit Media. You’ll see all your media files displayed on the spreadsheet as rows and all fields as columns.

Right now, our images don’t have any captions, so we need to import them from the CSV file.

3- How to Import the image captions

You need to open the “Import” tool. It’s on the top toolbar, so just click on it.

Select “CSV file from my computer” and upload the file. Then, click on “Next”.

Click on “Import all the columns”.

3.1. Match the files with same IDs, Titles, or File Names

You can import the image captions based on the IDs, titles or filenames. You just need to match any of these parameters, and the plugin will find existing images with the same value and update those images.

Once you decide how you want to match the files, click on Next to go on to the next step.

In this case, we’re matching the files with the same ID.

Finally, you’ll see a preview. If it’s OK, click on “Start import”.


You’ll see all the imported captions on the spreadsheet.

As you see, it’s really simple to import thousands of image captions from Excel or Google Sheets. Of course, you can import any other type of information using CSV files.

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