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Sometimes you have thousands of downloads and for some reason you update the files. Maybe you decided to apply some changes to your downloads or to correct some mistakes. Whatever the case, you need to upload the new files and set the new URLs to your products. Therefore, you need to spend some hours.

Here’s where the WP Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet plugin is so necessary because it allows you to apply changes to thousands of downloads. This plugin displays all your downloads in a beautiful spreadsheet where you can edit downloads one by one; you can also bulk edit them by using the powerful Bulk Edit tool.

1. Install the WP Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet plugin

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

Once you install the plugin, you’ll see the spreadsheet with all your downloads and their complete information. Just scroll right in the spreadsheet to see the rest of your downloads’ info.

You’ll find a toolbar with the following tools:

  • Add new – This button helps you create new rows in the spreadsheet.
  • Search – With this tool, you can search specific rows using different search terms.
  • Bulk Edit – This is a powerful tool that helps you apply changes to thousands of rows at once.
  • Duplicate – This button helps you create hundreds of copies out of a row.
  • Locate cell – Here you can enter a specific cell content and it will take you right to that cell.

2. Edit your downloads’ files

These are some easy steps you need to take in order to edit your downloads’ files.

a) Open the Bulk Edit tool

Please just click the tool on the toolbar to open it. With this tool, you can easily apply changes to thousands of products with just a few clicks. Its main aim is to help you manage your store in a simpler way so that you save lots of hours.

b) Search the downloads you want to edit

To search the downloads you want to edit, the first thing you need to do is to open the Select rows button. This button will open a search tool which contains the necessary fields for you to make specific searches; this is so because we now sometimes you don’t want to edit all of your downloads.

Therefore, you’ll find these fields in the search tool:

  • Contains keyword – Use this field if you want to look for all downloads containing a specific keyword.
  • Status – Here you can select between published and draft downloads.
  • NOT contains keyword – Here you can select a keyword and the search tool will look for all downloads except the ones containing that keyword.
  • Date range – In these fields, you can search for downloads created during a time range.
  • Enable advanced filters – This checkbox opens advanced filters to search for your downloads.
  • Run search – This button is to filter your downloads according to the terms of the search you’ve selected.

IMPORTANT: For this example we’ve filtered the downloads by keyword. We’ve chosen the keyword edit as it appears in the titles of the downloads we want to edit.

So after choosing the search fields, just hit the Run search button. This button will filter your downloads and take you back to the Bulk Edit tool.

3. Edit your downloads’ files

In the Bulk Edit tool, you need to set these values to change your download files:

  • Tick the I understand it will update the posts from my search checkbox.
  • Choose Edd Downloadable Files: File: 1 as the field you want to edit. (The number in the name will depend on the file you want to edit since you could have more than one file; pay attention to the name of the column you want to edit).
  • Choose Set value as the type of edit you’ll apply.
  • Enter the new FIle URL in the Replace existing value with this value field.
  • Hit the Execute now button.


Editing your downloads’ files is an easy task with the WP Easy Downloadable Files Spreadsheet plugin.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

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