Easy Digital Downloads – How to Bulk Delete Duplicate Products

Sometimes, we create several duplicate products in our Easy Digital Downloads store. We can do it just to try different configurations or because we in fact need to duplicate them. Maybe we used several versions of one download to sell in different countries, or we needed to assign different attributes to them.

However, there’s some point in which we may need to delete all duplicate downloads. In that case we’ll need to take several steps if we want to do it individually in EDD:

  • Open our duplicate downloads one by one
  • Delete them one by one
  • Check if we didn’t forget to delete one of them

Of course, this is a hard task because it’ll take us some hours if we have thousands of downloads to delete. That’s why we want to show you how to delete thousands of duplicate products in just some minutes.

For this we’ll use the Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet plugin. It’s a great plugin that allows you to edit thousands of downloads in just some minutes with its powerful Bulk Edit tool.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

Once you install and activate the plugin, go to WP Sheet Editor > Edit Downloads and you’ll see a spreadsheet containing all your downloads and their complete information. Now just follow these simple steps.

1- Open the Bulk Edit tool

With this tool, you can edit thousands of products with just some minutes. It’s located on the plugins toolbar, so you just need to click on Bulk Edit to open it.

2- Filter the products you’ll delete

With the Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet plugin, it’s really easy to filter all your products. For this just select the I want to search rows to update option in the Select the rows that you want to update dropdown.

Now you’ll see these search fields:

  • Contains keyword – Use this field to search for all your products containing a certain keyword.
  • Status – Search for all your products marked as draft, published, etc.
  • Author – Look for all products created by a certain author.
  • Download Categories and Tags – You can enter either categories or tags in this field.

Once you’ve decided how you’ll filter your products, just click on Run search to filter them.

3- Delete your duplicate downloads

After filtering your products, just select these values to remove the duplicates.

  • Select the rows that you want to update: I want to search rows to update
  • What field do you want to edit: Title
  • Select type of edit: Remove duplicates
  • Click on Execute now


Did you see how simple and fast it is to delete all duplicate products with the Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet plugin? You should start saving lots of hours and applying this and many other changes to your products.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Easy Digital Downloads Spreadsheet Plugin - or - Read more

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