How to Export WooCommerce Coupons to Google Sheets

In this tutorial, we will show you how to export WooCommerce coupons to Google Sheets. We will easily connect our WordPress site to our Google Sheets account, and export coupons data directly to a Google Sheet.

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One of the great advantages of exporting WooCommerce coupons to Google Sheets directly is that you don’t need to install any browser extensions nor run any complicated scripts, so you need no programming knowledge.

For this tutorial, we will use two things:

WP Sheet Editor – WooCommerce Coupons – This plugin allows you to view and manage your WooCommerce coupons in an intuitive spreadsheet on WordPress. It allows advanced searches, easy bulk updates, and export/import with CSV files.

Google Sheets Sync Service (provided by WP Sheet Editor) – This service allows you to export and import content between WordPress and Google Sheets with a few clicks. You can create immediate exports/imports, schedule exports/imports to run once or at recurring intervals, and live sync your content with Google Sheets. It works with all the WP Sheet Editor spreadsheets that run in the backend, so the possibilities are endless.

You can sign up to the service here:

Sign up to the Google Sheets Sync Service - or - Check the features

When you sign up to this service, you’ll receive two plugins:

  • Automations – This plugin allows you to create automatic scheduled bulk edits, exports, imports and cell change saving.
  • Google Sheets Sync helper plugin – This plugin is the one that allows you to connect WP Sheet Editor to Google Sheets.
  • You can follow this guide to learn how to install and set the plugin up, and how to connect your WordPress site to your Google Sheets account, the Google API, and the WP Sheet Editor API.

Once you have installed and set up everything you need, you can proceed to export your WooCommerce coupons to a Google Spreadsheet.

1- Open the WooCommerce Coupons Spreadsheet

You have at least two options to open the coupons spreadsheet:

  • Go to Marketing > Coupons and click on the Open in a spreadsheet button
  • Go to WP Sheet Editor > Edit Coupons

You’ll see all your WooCommerce coupons displayed in the spreadsheet. Every row is a coupon, and every column is a coupon field.

export woocommerce coupons to google sheets

2- Open the “Export” tool

You need to open the “Export” tool with one click. It’s on the plugin’s top toolbar.

export woocommerce coupons to google sheets

3- Export WooCommerce coupons to Google Sheets (immediate export)

After opening the export tool, you can select these values to export the coupons data to a Google Spreadsheet:

  1. Select the columns you want to export. You can export specific columns, all the columns that are visible on the spreadsheet (active columns), or all the columns, including both visible and hidden columns.
  2. Select Google Sheets as the app to which you want to export your coupons.
  3. Add a name for this export task, and the name will be inherited by the Google Sheet that will be created.
  4. Click on “Start new export”

export woocommerce coupons to google sheets

Once the export process is complete, you’ll be able to open the new Google spreadsheet by clicking on the “View Google Sheet” link.

export woocommerce coupons to google sheets

And as you can see below, we have exported all our WooCommerce coupons to Google Sheets:

export woocommerce coupons to google sheets

With WP Sheet Editor, you can manage hundreds or thousands of WooCommerce coupons using a spreadsheet inside WordPress.

And if you integrate that with the Google Sheets Sync service, you can easily export and import coupons with Google Sheets.

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