LearnPress – How to Import, Export, and Bulk Edit Courses

LearnPress is one of the great tools that can help us manage online schools and courses. However, it’s really difficult to manage our courses when we have thousands of them.

That’s why we want to show you how to manage your LearnPress courses using a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to export, import, and bulk edit information in seconds, so you’ll save a lot of time and clicks. For that you’ll need to use the Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types Spreadsheet plugin.

This plugin allows you to manage your posts, pages, and custom post types created by other plugins on a spreadsheet. That spreadsheet contains advanced search tools, export/import tools, and a powerful bulk edit tool.

1- Install the Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types Spreadsheet plugin

2- Set up the LearnPress courses spreadsheet

After installing and activating the plugin, you need to generate the spreadsheet that will allow you to manage your courses completely from it.

For that you need to go to Sheet Editor > Setup Spreadsheet.

Once there, you’ll see the Set up Spreadsheet tool.

You need to enter the Courses post type, scroll down and click on Save to generate the spreadsheet.

Now you need to select the columns you want to include in the spreadsheet. If you don’t want any of the available columns, you can move it from the Enabled (left) section to the Disabled (right) section.

Once you’ve selected the columns you’ll include in the spreadsheet, just click on Save to create the spreadsheet. It doesn’t even take five minutes.

Now you’ll see the spreadsheet containing all your LearnPress courses and their complete information. All the courses will be displayed in the rows while the course sections and fields will be displayed in the columns.

Now you’re ready to export or import your courses’ info using CSV files that you can edit with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Also, you’re ready to bulk edit any of your courses’ fields.

To export your courses to a CSV file that can be edited with Excel or Google Sheets, you just need to click on Export. It’s on the top toolbar.

Now you need to select the columns that you will export.

  • Click on Select all or enter specific columns in What columns do you want to export.
  • Tick the I understand it will export the posts from my current search checkbox.
  • Optional. Tick the I will edit this file with Microsoft Excel checkbox. This is necessary because sometimes Excel doesn’t recognize the comma as separator, so this checkbox fixes that problem.
  • Finally, click on Start new export.

After downloading the CSV file to your computer, you can edit it using Excel or Google Sheets.

For example, you can edit the courses’ duration. For that just go to the lp duration column and change the number of week the courses last.

After making the changes you need, you need to save the changes and you’ll be ready to import the info back to the LearnPress spreadsheet.

Once you have the CSV file ready, you can quickly import all the changes. Just open the import tool by clicking on Import on the top toolbar.

Now you need to select the CSV file from your computer, so you need to do this:

  • Source: CSV file from my computer
  • Click on Choose File and search for it on your computer.
  • Click on Next.

Next, click on Import all the columns to continue.

Select the Update existing items, ignore new items option in the Do you want to update or create items dropdown.

Match the CSV fields to the WordPress fields. You can pair up the IDs for the plugin to match the files and import the information in the right places:

  • Field 1: CSV Field: record_id
  • Field 1: WordPress Field: ID

Now just click on Next.

Now the plugin will show you a preview of how the information will look once it’s imported. If it’s ok, click on The preview is fine, start import.

If you check the columns you imported, you’ll see that all the fields you edited will be modified.

You can edit thousands of courses inside WordPress using the Bulk Edit tool. Just open it with one click on the toolbar.

For example, if you want to change all your courses’ duration from 6 weeks to 10, you can quickly search for all your courses that last 6 weeks.

Just select the I want to search rows to update option in the Select the rows that you want to update dropdown.

Now you’ll have the option of searching for your courses by StatusCategories, or Tags.

Even more, you can apply advanced search filters such as the duration filter. For that you need to tick the Enable advanced filters checkbox and select these values:

  • Field key: lp duration (_lp_duration)
  • Operator: =
  • Value: 6 week, for example.

Once you apply the search filter you want, please click on Run search to filter your products.

Here we show you two options you have to apply bulk changes to the products you’ve filtered.

a) Bulk edit course duration

To do this, you just need to select the following values in the Bulk Edit tool.

  • Select the rows that you want to update: I want to search rows to update
  • What field do you want to edit: lp duration
  • Select type of edit: Set value
  • Replace existing value with this value: 10 week, for example.
  • Click on Execute now.

Now you’ll see how your courses’ duration has been updated from 6 weeks to 10 weeks.

b) Bulk feature your filtered courses

You can feature all the six-week courses in the catalog. For that, just select these values in the Bulk Edit tool.

  • Select the rows that you want to update: I want to search rows to update
  • What field do you want to edit: lp featured
  • Select type of edit: Set value
  • Replace existing value with this value: Tick this checkbox.
  • Click on Execute now.

After that you’ll see all your courses featured in the spreadsheet.

Saving a lot of time is really simple!

As you can see, the Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types Spreadsheet plugin is a great assistant when it comes to managing thousands of LearnPress courses.

You can save a lot of time exporting, importing, and bulk editing your courses information in minutes.

Do you need help?

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