WooCommerce – Convert Attributes to Categories or Tags, and Viceversa

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When you are creating a new WooCommerce store, you sometimes create a bunch of products and you want to see how the products will look.

But you realize that you made a mistake.

You created the products using Color or Size Attributes, but those attributes don´t appear on the site menu. So you needed to use Product Categories instead of Attributes.

Or you made the opposite mistake, you created Color Categories, but now you want to convert the categories into Product Attributes to allow the users to select the color when adding the product to the cart.

Having to edit all the products again manually is painful.

In this tutorial we´ll show you how to Convert Product Attributes into Product Categories or Tags, and Viceversa.

1- Meet WP Sheet Editor

WP Sheet Editor is a plugin that allows you to Bulk Edit Products easily.

You can view all the products at once in a spreadsheet, you can edit the products quickly, make advanced searches, and a cool feature is that you can update hundreds of products at once using Formulas.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

The first step in this tutorial is to install and activate WP Sheet Editor. If you already installed it you can go to the next step.

2- Setup the spreadsheet

When you install WP Sheet Editor, you´ll see a quick setup page. This is very easy, you just need to enable the “Products” spreadsheet, then you need to select the fields that you want to edit in the spreadsheet by drag and dropping them to the left column.

You can follow this tutorial for more information.

3- Quick intro to the Spreadsheet

When you finish the quick setup you´ll be redirected to the spreadsheet.


As you can see, you can view all the products in the spreadsheet and you can edit easily.

The spreadsheet has a toolbar above with some handy tools, like Search, Create new products, Create product variations in bulk, Copy variations from one product to multiple products, Display variations, etc.

In this case we´ll use the “Apply changes in bulk” tool.

4- Using a Product Bulk Update Tool

Open the “Bulk Update” tool and you will see a form where you can execute bulk updates. This is very easy to do, you just need to select a few options in the form.


Convert the product attribute “Color” to Product Tags

  • We select the “Product tags” field in the dropdown because that´s the field we are editing
  • We select the “Merge columns” formula because we want to use the values of other columns while editing the “product tags”
  • We select the column we are copying from, in this case we want to copy the product attribute “color” to tags, so we select the attribute on this dropdown.
  • Finally we can select what products we want to update. We can update all products or products under a category, tag, or attribute. For example, we can apply this change on all the products under the category “Shirts”, or all products under the attribute “Color = Red”.

We can also filter by keyword, for example, apply this change to all products with the keyword “pants”.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are selecting “all products”, and we execute.

Now we just wait while the formula is being applied.

Convert the product categories to tags

  • We select the “Product tags” field in the dropdown because we will update that field
  • We select “Merge columns” as formula
  • Select the “Product Categories” column in the next dropdown because we´ll copy the categories to the tags field
  • Select if you want to update all products or only an individual category, tag, or attribute (color, size, etc.); or filter by keyword
  • Execute

Convert the Color Attributes to Another Attribute

For example, you can have the Color Attributes with values like Red, White, Black, etc. and you want to convert this into another Attribute called “Background color”.

  • First, make sure the new attribute is already created (Go to Products > Attributes and create the attribute there, then come back to this page)
  • We select the “Background color” field in the dropdown because we´ll write the values into this field
  • We select the “Merge columns” formula
  • Select the “Color attribute” in the next dropdown
  • Execute

5- Done

As you can see, updating hundreds of products at once is very easy. You just need to select a couple of options in a form, and the formula is executed.

This way you can do all kinds of updates.

For example, you can convert “Regular price” into “Sale price” in all products, or you can copy “Product Categories” to “Color Attributes”, and more.

The bulk updates tool is very flexible.

Get started by installing the WP Sheet Editor plugin:

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

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