How to Find WooCommerce Products Missing Images

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Hi, in this tutorial we´ll show you how to Find the WooCommerce Products from your Store that are missing images.

This is very helpful when you are creating a new WooCommerce store, you can have hundreds of products that weren´t setup completely. So you need to find all products that were created without images and publish those products.

You might also have an old store with products without images, finding those products and uploading images can help increase sales.

Why product images are important

When a potential customer visits your WooCommerce Store, the first thing they do is look at the images.

If your products have great images, you are more likely to make more sales. Remember, the images are the preview of the product, no one will purchase a product without knowing what it looks like.

1- Use a product spreadsheet

We will use the plugin WP Sheet Editor. This plugin provides several tools for managing a WooCommerce store.

  • You can see all your products in a spreadsheet. This is helpful to view what information is missing from your products
  • You can edit products quickily
  • You can make advanced searches
  • You can update hundreds of products at once using formulas
  • And more

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

2- Use the quick setup

When you activate the WP Sheet Editor plugin, you will see a quick setup page.

This page lets you setup the spreadsheet in just a minute.

You can select which spreadsheet you want to use (Products), and you can enable the spreadsheet columns that you need, and that´s all.

Now you can start using the spreadsheet.

3- Using the spreadsheet

When you open the products spreadsheet you´ll see all the products in a single place.

You can start edit products the same way you do on Excel, you can start typing on the spreadsheet cells, move around with your keyboard, etc.

You will see a toolbar at the top containing multiple tools:

4- Open the Products Search Tool

Click on the “Search” tool.

You will see a form where you can find products by keyword, category, product attributes, and more.

In this case we will select the “Advanced filters” option, this option lets us build a custom search query.

In the “Advanced Filters” section, we will select the “thumbnail id” field (Featured image), the operator “=”, and leave the value field empty.

This way it will find all products where the featured image is empty.

Check the image below as example.


As you can see, the product search tool is very advanced. You can search by multiple fields and use any operator.

The same way as you searched for missing product image, you can change the field selector to “Short description” and it will find products with missing descriptions 🙂

5- Done

Now it´s your turn, download the plugin now and start making advanced product searches 🙂

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

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