WooCommerce – How to Quickly Add ISBN, UPD, EAN

Let’s learn how to add ISBN, UPD, and EAN to your WooCommerce products in bulk.

WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN is a plugin that adds the GTIN field to WooCommerce so that you can add any of these global identifiers to your products:

  • UPD: Universal Product Code
  • EAN: European Article Number
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number

The problem is that, once you install it, you have to spend a lot of time adding ISBN and any other GTIN because you have to open and edit your products individually.

That’s why we want to show you how to automate the adding of ISBN, UPD, and EAN to hundreds of WooCommerce products with the WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet plugin.

WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet

Use an intuitive spreadsheet inside WordPress to:

  • View and bulk edit WooCommerce products
  • Edit hundreds of products at once
  • Search for products by keyword, category, tag, attribute, price, date, etc.
  • Import products from Excel, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Download all your products to a CSV file.
  • And a lot of things!

You can download the plugin here:

Download WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet Plugin – or – Check the features

After installing and activating WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet, follow these steps to add ISBN, UPD, or EAN in bulk using the products’ spreadsheet.

1- Open the products spreadsheet

Go to WP Sheet Editor > Edit Products.

You’ll see all the products displayed in the spreadsheet as rows and their fields as columns.

woocommerce products spreadsheet

If you scroll to the right side of the spreadsheet, you’ll see the Hwp Product Gtin column, in which you can enter ISBN, UPD or EAN.

product gtin field

2- Filter the products you’ll edit

In this example, we have different kinds of products in our WooCommerce store. For example, we have jeans, shirts, shoes, etc. Also, we sell books, so we’ve created a product category called “Books”.

The Search tool allows us to search for products by keyword, attribute, tag, category, price, etc.

In this case, we’ll search for all the products within the Books category in order to add ISBN to them.

Click Search on the top toolbar.

search woocommerce products

Now search for all products by category to find all the products within the Books category:

  • Enter Tags: Books (Product Category)
  • Click Run Search to filter the products.

search products category

Once you filter the products, you’ll see all the Books displayed in the spreadsheet.

search products category

3- Add the ISBN, UPD, or EAN quickly to the spreadsheet

Once you’ve filtered the products in the spreadsheet, you can add the ISBN, UPD or EAN codes to all the filtered products.

  • Go to the Hwp Product Gtin column and add the ISBN codes for all the books.
  • Click Save to apply the changes to all the selected products.

bulk add isbn woocommerce

That’s quick and easy!

Instead of opening each product to add the ISBN, you can quickly search for the products you’ll edit and apply the changes to them using the spreadsheet.

This way, you save lots of time.

This is a great way to bulk edit products because you save changes only once, no matter how many changes you apply to your products.

You can download the plugin here:

Download WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet Plugin – or – Check the features

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