WooCommerce – Find Products with Low Stock by Category, Attribute, or Tag

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Hello. In this tutorial we will show you how to Find Out of Stock Products in your store.

This is helpful when you have a store with a lot of products, and you need to know which products are out of stock, so you can either edit the products, hide them, change categories, or notify your suppliers.

WooCommerce provides a very limited search feature, that´s why in this tutorial we will use the plugin WP Sheet Editor.

WP Sheet Editor is a handy plugin that allows you to:

  • View all products in a nice spreadsheet
  • You can make advanced searches using multiple criterias. For example, find products from category A with low stock.
  • You can update thousands of products at once. For example, replace words, increase stock by 10%, update attributes, update images, etc.
  • And more

1- Install WP Sheet Editor

If you already installed WP Sheet Editor on your site, you can skip this step.

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

2- Setup the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is easy to setup. When you activate WP Sheet Editor you will see a quick setup page.

In this page you will select the post type that you want to edit, in this case select “Products”.

Then you will enable/disable the spreadsheet columns that you need by drag and dropping them to the left column.

Now the spreadsheet is ready, and you can start using it.

Check this tutorial if you want to know more about the setup process.

3- Using the spreadsheet

After the quick setup you´ll be redirected to the spreadsheet page that looks like this:

You can see all the products there and you have access to some great tools in the toolbar.

4- Advanced search for WooCommerce Products

Open the “Search” tool in the toolbar.

You will see a form like this:


The search tool allows you to find products by:

  • Keyword
  • Status
  • Author
  • Product Category
  • Product Tag
  • Product Attributes
  • And Advanced Fields

The Advanced Filters option is very helpful because you can build your own search query. You can select any field like stock quantity, a operator like <, and a value.

You can use multiple advanced filters at once, so you can make complex searches. For example, you can find products with category “Pants” without gallery images and stock quantity < 200.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are searching for products from category “Shirts” and stock quantity < 10. You can check the screenshot above to see how we use the form.

If you want to search by tag or product attribute (color, sizes, etc.), you can select them in the same field where you selected the category.

When you click the button “Search”, the spreadsheet will show the search results. So you can see the results easily.

5- Get started with WP Sheet Editor

You can download the plugin here:

- or - Read more about it

We know you´ll love the products spreadsheet.

If you need help we´ll be happy to help. You can contact us using the Live Chat (bottom right corner of this page) or using the contact form.

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