WooCommerce – How to Edit Variable Products in Spreadsheet

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In this tutorial we´re gonna show you How to edit WooCommerce Variable Products in a Spreadsheet.

This is very helpful if:

  • You are Creating a new Store and you need to Setup Products Quickly
  • You are running a marketing campaign and You need to Edit Products Prices Quickly
  • You are updating product information
  • etc.

Let´s start 🙂

1- Install the “WP Sheet Editor” plugin

We love spreadsheets. They are amazing.

You can edit hundreds of rows and fields, you can view all the information in a single place, you can edit thousands of fields by executing formulas, you can copy information between fields, etc.

That´s why we created WP Sheet Editor.

WP Sheet Editor plugin provides a Spreadsheet that you can use to edit WordPress Posts, Pages, and WooCommerce products.

It was created to bring all the Spreadsheet Benefits into the WordPress platform, so we can save a lot of time and make your life much easier.

– or – Read more about it

2- Setup the spreadsheet

After activating the plugin for the first time you will see the “quick setup page”.

In that page you can enable the products spreadsheet and select the spredsheet columns.

Related Tutorial: How to use the Quick setup page

The setup takes only 2 minutes.

3- Open the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet will open automatically after the setup step , or you can open the spreadsheet manually by going to “WP Sheet Editor > Edit products”.

Now you can see the spreadsheet and you can start editing.

By default you will see a row for every simple product , downloadable product , external product , and variable product´s main information.

If you want to edit Product Variations , you need to click “Display variations” in the toolbar.

That way you will see one row for every product variation , so you can edit everything in the spreadsheet.

Done. You can start editing freely in the spreadsheet.

Bonus: Video tutorial

In this video tutorial we show you how to Edit Variable Products in the Spreadsheet, Create New Products and Variations Quickly , Edit Variation Attributes , and Copy Variations Between Products.

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